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Second day, I am still dancing kpop song till I sweat when I reached home in the evening. mmmmm.... good progress! Hope I could continue to discipline myself. When I was driving this morning, I have a little thinking to entertain myself during heavy traffic jam. Many of us always said hate to make decision. Hard to make a decision. bla bla bla bla...stop whining and live with it. Do you know from the moment you wake up until you go to bed is all about making decision? Imagine this.. - Every morning , you need to make decision to wake in the morning. - To shower or not to shower ? - To empty you bowels or keep it rotten there - You need to decide to eat or not to eat? - Then goes , what to eat? - To be happy or not to be happy? - To scold people or to just let it be? Many things to list down every single thing in our life is from our decision. We always hear this phrase, your life is in your hand. One thing, we could not make decision is our death. However, we could minimise the risk an

Monday Blues

Wet Monday again. I am dragging myself to work. It took almost 3 hours to reach office today. Yeah! sounds crazy huh! Why is the traffic very slow when its raining? I wonder... People trying to be extra careful and drive slowly? or driver can't see the road due to its raining? or flash flood? or driver are still sleepy and unable to be in their right mind to drive faster? ah!!!! whatever.... I reached office and get my hot coffee to keep me awake. Yeah! its cold and my mind still on my bed. ehehe On my PC and checked my emails. huhuhuh one candidate I called interview last week wrote back to me, she could not make it for interview tomorrow but she will be available to come for interview on June 10,2011. Omo... why on earth you applying for job if you not available to come for interview? Are you on confinement or something? Anyway, thing need to move on fast. Hopefully my employee handbook briefing mission could go through by next week. Then I will be free to go anywhere I want to.

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