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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Now I realise

Looking at this photo , now I realise I am very fat and short. Look a lil bit like mushroom though! Sigh! How can I make myself taller at this age? How can I reduce at least another 7 kg? Hard to acieve for time being and I have thousand reasons in store... hhihihih Trying hard to start out my learning journal for my LD individual assignment... loose the point though. I identified 3 assessment tools and completed only 2 assessment while watching my Goo Jun Pyo again... mmmmm just in love with that character so much and I wish I am Geum Jan Di the love interest on f Jun Pyon in the series. How I wish this become reality!!!! Yeah ! going to bed soon it 12.00 midnight. Tomorrow need go to work... Continue my assignment tommorrow le... Thank God ! I have done my portion of Group Assignment for LD. Let them settle their part and hopefully can get final draft by Friday.

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