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setting up for business....  Hard Rock Cafe near Jonker My friend craving for Malacca Chicken Rice Ball When the night approaching and the sun going down .... Onde Onde - Glutinous rice ball fill with palm sugar coating with grated coconut ...mmmm yummy!!! Here go my friend start digging your craving!!!!! Malacca Famous Chicken Rice Ball... what is the verdict????  Cold and not nice... mmm whatever... me not eating this one my favourite...Nyonya Cendol and I love that Palm Sugar... starter for my dinner. preserved young papaya top with crispy fried anchovies Fish fillet spicy sambal.... too bitter! I guess the chili is overcook Shrimp Four angle bean -Too happy seeing the food forgot to snap the photo and start digging...half way eating only remember I need to snap the photo for my online diary...hehehe Cencaluk omelet and this is my favourite ... I don't eat cencaluk but this one i kind of like it. Crispy fried sq

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