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amazing Exprerience

Saturday morning wake up for dentist appointment. Yeah my super amazing sensitive tooth make me can't eat for the whole week. Give me no choice but to open my limited wide mouth to my dentist. Diagnose : Previous root canal treatment is not a success. Doc tried his best to put more medicine inside and high chances I have to re do the treatment again. another two weeks need to see him again, Ah! money again. Currently , he settle me with antibiotic in and a temporary filling. Not to forget the 2 types of antibiotic to swallow for 2 weeks twice daily. Oh ya! as normal pain killer to ease my pain. uwaaaaaa benci nyeeeee.... Afternoon , enjoying a Wall Street : Money never sleep. Make me want to be one of them. Be greedy and never enough.Yeah! bad culture. I learn a lot from this movie. one of it is this N I N J A... No Income No Job & Asset. Well, most of us with income and with job but some of us with asset but yet we are at more liabilities than assets. I decided to create anoth

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