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Mouth wide open

Take care of your teeth since you small. Its doesn't mean I don't take care of my teeth. I believe I am old hehehehehe... Recently I visiting dentist regularly for root treatment. The ordeal is so suffering for me. When the dentist keep asked me to open my mouth wide... Oh ya! the tooth effected is the second last upper tooth so it is deep inside and quite difficult to do. Back to mouth wide open request... I really have problem with that! My left hand side jaw disc not allign properly and as my doctor said this is due to major stress I face from previous work. Do you believe that? I don't! Anyway... Dentist : Open wider more more Me was like urgh urgh....afraid if I open wider then I unable to close my mouth anymore... Dentist : just one minute wider wider Me was like how wide you want it to be... Dentist : just one minute more...I need to put medicine...mmmmm... its very deep...I need to do this properly...mmmmm..wider wider m

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