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Cosplay Tale at Tokyo Street , Pavillion I see all sort of character ...funny and weird too!  Restless Batman... OMO! working late last night??? Too many 'jokers' to catch? where is your macho ness , batman??? Robin??? where is he?? He ditched you? mmmm..Mr batman don't tell me this is your day job???   Japanese Anime Song really make my day....sweet atmosphere OMO!!! she so damn skinny... overzealous of her... I have extra fat to transfer to you...interested??? excited! excited! this girl sound so cute!!!!  wow! her voice is sound so soothing  to my ear this is their interest .... the anime world... I wish I could be this weird ...then my life could be more interesting...huhuhu WITH THE POWER OF THE MOOOOONNNNN.......SAILORMOON TRANSFORM!!!!! TRANSFORM!!! aikkkss???? It doesn't work???? adoooooiii!!!! sailormoon ....unable to transform because I am in love with one Prince from from Und

Counting Days

My Office World will end soon... 15 years working hard - my blood , my sweat, my tears and surviving with monthly salary and accept whatever people gave me without demanding more and more. I finally counting days to put everything an end and now still working hard but my end pay will depends on how strong am I mentally to make this business work at least for another 5 years. Never expect easier life and I know my life will be more difficult after this. I need to train myself to be stronger mentally and physically. Anyway, for time being I am counting days for my final trip this year 2010. I want to start year 2011 with - * Open mind * Open heart * Open ears Eat Play Love............. ahahaha finally flying with MAS again after 10 years ago....I am aiming for business class next time ahahaha soooo ambitious... but not impossible to achieve because I have another at least 9 months to work towards it! Sailormooooooonnnnn Rina fighting!!!!

My various weekend finally

Whoa!!! don't really achieve much this weekend. I wish I have extended weekend..... wahahahaha or never ending weekend. Eat and eat and eat... the most enjoyable moment in life... My Saturday Brunch.....being greedy again! squid sambal, omelete, triangle bean & chicken rendang... mmmmm rated 4/10 Saturday brunch dessert.... sweet sweet cupcakes... yucksss!!!! rated 1/10.... I want bisou cupcakes I saw hanging duriansssss just now Sunday brunch - Tarbush Lamb briyani rated 5/10... I wish its hot but serve it cold... Tarbush - lamb swarma...rated 5/10...not bad! not to forget me ehehehe Sunday teatime - 2 cute egg tarts plus one cute girl kakakaka and another cute girl wahahahaha plate of enemy @ the gate toast bread one special brew coffee ooopppsss kopi! broken dam toast bread and another cute sailormoon pose Christmas feel @ Pavillion... ahahaha same old tree and deco like last year and me again Faranheit Christmas deco for the first time Me digging into my pocket f

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