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I reached with donno what to eat, as usual. I feel no appetite at all and everything seems not right at all. As usual when got back in the house, I will on the TV and computer. But tonight.... jeng jeng I almost scream oh i did screamed and cried when I saw what near my balcony sliding door... that ulat gonggok iewwwwwwwwwww wanna type the name make my hair feel eerriee... How the hell did this creature climbed up here? This one is one of my biggest fear... I feel sick suddenly! Yup! fever.. same like when I was 7 yrs old when this thing appear near me. Damn! i just tried my best to use brooms and sweep up to the dust casing and boommm here u go to the toilet with 10 times flushed. Go away! Go away! Dont disturb my miserable life. Today especially feel not so good when my group members are freaking happening. OK Cindyrina just suck up your efficiency since you are among the most 'tidak apa' group! I thought I will only find this kind of attitude among the Malays.. But hey! all

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