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Sharks!   Many people will scared to death just to listen to this name....more if your shout that name when out in the middle of the ocean. Out of many sea creatures...I feel pity for sharks. I feel pity for them not to say I support their agressive lify style eating other creatures and so on. Oh well...I don't support violence...   Do you know sharks has no air bladders? They have to keep moving to stay alive. They even move while sleeping... You can imagine how tiring their life can be... Such an exhausting life... I imagine myself moving on the treadmill 24 hours.....ooopppsss no need 24 hours...give me 2 hours...I feel like dying already.   They are the strongest in the ocean. Yet..they are the most hateful creatures....   Don't you think that sharks is just surviving their life???? So do we...right? No matter.... tiring and exhausting our life is...we still have to keep moving forward... We are all just matter what o

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