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I got fed up with my credit card of 10 years with the same bank. It is due to expire on Apr this year. I then decided to sign up from another bank. I downloaded the form and prepare all the necessary supporting documentation. Since the bank is just like walking distance from my office, then I just drop by and pass my application in envelope to the banker there. I was told the lady in charge was on break time. I asked for the in charge person name and inform that lady to pass to her. The same day the lady called and said the form is not the correct one. I told her I downloaded from their website. She told me there is a new form. Fair enough! I asked her to email to me. She said she will right after she put down the phone. Evening back home, check my email there were no form coming through. The next day waited again. Her phone always engaged. No way to connect to her. No way I am going to walk there again just for one bloody form when they don't have a


I am at this stage...reaching to the eruption level. I hope I don't explode that bad... Trying my best to control my speech...not to hurt people..not to make enemy... Trying my best to love instead of hate... Trying my best to control my bluntness.... Arrgggghhhhhh!!! this is killing me softly! I am praying hard my temper don't explode and make me an ugly person. I am praying hard ....I don't regret on my act! By holding all this ...I think ...I am going crazy...the anger is like boiling hard! I wanna let it go...but I keep thinking about it and this make me more angry! Seriously, I am not adorable when I am angry! 'One of my EMO post'

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