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Sweet Sunday

Saturday is the best and meaningful for me. although I have bad tooth ache yet I still find time to enjoy myself. Pick up 6 books for my readings and went to salon for my hair touch up. Spoil myself with 3 pcs of new shirt. (wicked!!!!) Levain Boulangerie Patisserie - hard to pronounce but once you reach there...owwwhhh!!!! I was bedazzaled with the environment and interior set up. Love love love it... It was pack since morning to the end.Goodness! you will be lucky to get a place there. It is a bakery and pasta theme cafe at one of the bungalow near Jalan Delima behind wisma Technip. Very hard to get parking but they offer RM2 jockey service. I was so happy to find one parking by the road side. But when I get down from my car then one Security Guard of the building next door told me there was a policemen 'summoning' ppl. Whoa!!! then he said to follow him and he kindly opened the barrier at the building he take care and let me park there. And then here come Dom & Jamie, I

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