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I give up Hyun Joong

Due to some urgency , I have to stay out until almost 1am in the morning. I reached home almost 1.44am and end up with severe headache! I am not able to wake up from my bed and only able to force myself at almost 1.00pm. Doc verdict.... I am suffering with very low blood pressure. It drop to almost 90/120 and it cause me headache and doc request me to rest well and avoid higher ground. Re think about what had happened last night... its like a dream and almost end up....I have nothing to comment and speechless with the response that I received.... and the treatment that I got... no matter in what situation... appreciate is not only word to utter because it is just meaningless but action is most important... Adult is adult and they have to be responsible in whatever path they choose.... its applies to everyone with no exemption... no such thing as you are not at right mind.... word is word .... done is done.... with not regret... just face it and move on.... jia yor jia yor! I w

Stay positve

Last week its not good week for me. Many dramas going on. Why? Person who feel threaten to my exisiting in the company is back. Of course lot of games going on... Don't know how to use my Tai chi ledi... I just try my best to keep calm and maintain positive. My confirmation is due tomorrow. I wrote to my Boss and ask him to release me. Yes! I am not at the right mind at all. He replied back with saying he is more than happy to confirm me. He asked me to wait for him to come back to KL. uwaaaaaaaaaa... i am crying in my heart. (Yeah! call me weird ... I refuse to be confirmed please fire me!!!!) I must be doing a good job for him until he still wants me after few nasty emails I had sent to him in separate occassion... as usual I am emo and outspoken. I write emails like I am speaking my mind out! Can't wait for Sep... another 2 -3 weeks... Fasting month never been easy for me. I am sick today with bad throat and toothache. Ah!!! so hurt... not to forget my endless neck and shoul

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