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Still in control

These 2 days, is not the worst day but just a normal day. I has team of 2 auditors in my office for year 2009 accounts. Although not much audit queries from them but to brief them our complex business procedures is like the most challenging task to me. After few rounds of explaination in the conference room until tonight around 7.30pm, I manage to make them understand on our way of doing business. Every year this audit firm have been sending freshies and new people to us. I seriously almost loose my patient with one of them due to don't even know what does it mean by cross check. He can't even do the sampling right due to the cross referrence check is totally wrong. OMG!!!! Anyway, hope they could finalise everything by coming Wednesday. Then I want to get out from that place soonest possible and prepare for my next journey. I had received numerous calls from my X Boss. I just can't pick up her calls due to I am not in the mood to listen. Yeah! sometimes I can be this nasty

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