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Winning the Battle of Life

Everybody want to be a winner in this life. Why did I said that? Most of us work our arse out to earn for living and most of us couldn't get enough with what we own. This is the real fact. That why I can say all of us end up in the L I M O (LOW INCOME MORE OWINGS) Either you are in denial or not but this is the reality of life. Most of us want to be a winner and everybody want to have pride and be on top of the wheel. When we are at bottom of the wheel we will feel inferior, useless, hopeless and the feeling to kill ourself come automatically. We prefer to use easy way to run away from being a failure. I dont know whether people out there agree with me if I said being on top to enjoy the glory is happiness but is not easy. Being at the mid way to the top is no feeling. Being on the way down is sadness. To be at the bottom make you feel like dying. When you are at bottom point or on the way down what should you do? I suggest we face it and dont give up! Just re think re strategise a

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