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Its Friday

Its Friday... trying to put up my high spirit in place. Try to dress well, put up more and more make up with hoping I can change my face to Megan Fox or Maggie Q or something ahahahaha yeah! in my sweetest dream. No matter how well I dress and how pretty is my make up , I am still plain fat RINA! sigh!!!!! Yes! I am still unstable this few days. One of our employee is leaving AGAIN! Another farewell to plan.. hate this! My responsibility increases by at least 300% more. I feel numb numb numb... With new office set up coming in , I don't know how to arrange my time to do my work. I smells trouble and trouble. Pepole say we need to stay positive and open mind. But in this case , I feel my positiveness and my strong self motivated attitude comes toward an end. I will SURVIVE!!! I guess.... I am waiting for my Prince to save me but still can't see him... where the hell are you??? I will only wait for you until next then i will shut my door.

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