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Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 3

Wet Friday! But wet or dry .... its Friday everyone!!!!!! I like it! Today my staff almost drop their jaw to see many candidates coming in non stop. That means I double booked myself to see those people. Well... I did this on purpose. I just want to see how human re act on competition. I asked them to be place in the same room while filling up the forms. At least 5 - 6 of them in the same room as early as 9.30am. My interview for the day stop at 1.30pm. Just nice for my lunch. I am not going to write anything about the candidates tonight. Tired I guess. Not much different but bearable and I made my decision by evening. Oooopppsss!!! today I make one candidate cried. Not in purpose hope because she reflect after seeing me. If she feel down after meeting me today... hope God will forgive me because God knows I don't intentionally but my mean is to make them wake up from our government lullaby. Of course, gather my staff and discuss about my choice of new team memb

Frust nyeee

Frustrated! This is the right word. My internet connection not co operating with me. I have been trying to upload my photos but the connection keep fail. fly kite! I am not trying anymore tonight. another night then... Oh ya! last 3 days is the most weird days.... He was here for 3 days in a row and I was back home almost at 10.00pm. I am trying my best to assist him all I can. Not to mentioned all the shit he put to me... tell me about it.. I am the garbage collector. I am suppose to turn these garbage into gold! almost every day for when he is here I told him do not include me in his expansion plan. I am not interested. I even told him my last day in the organisation. I am being very frank eat up! My decision is FIRM! He told me , Rina you are now Financial Controller for this company.... ooopppssss what you say again??? FC? Since when? Is this the way for you to make people stay?? promote them??? You can offer me bigger post or more money.... nope!!!! my health at stake...

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