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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to The Butterfly Project . This is the 6th Birthday celebration. It has been almost 5 years since I join this Beauty Blogger Community . I met many awesome people and change my dull life into a colourful one! Like many other years, the awesome President of The Butterfly Project, Tammy (Mamasan) and her team did a lot of preparation for the celebration. Every year is a different theme of the celebration from Unicorn to this year flower girls.  This year celebration took place at Vilej Damansara event space near Ritze Perdana 2 . It was a challenging drive for me to get there. When I reached the place it was worth my drive since Mamasan and the team really transform the event space into a Magical place. Everything for prettily set up with details attention too. OMG! Thank you for such a great effort and passion to all of you for this magical moment in my life. All butterflies were allocated with a seat number. Mine at my lucky number 6 . Isn't t

Face Lift Experience at Novu Aesthetics

I have not been going for any facial or any face treatment for many years now. Trying to age gracefully but obviously, this is not the successful attempt for me. I end up develop uneven skin tone, saggy skin and end up with crow feet and fine lines . isk isk isk... My pigmentation and freckles kind of like mushroom grow after raining season. My eye bag invaded like an Alien invasion during the 4th of July. WTH! I want to age gracefully but still, look good , not ugly. Hurl! When the Butterfly Beauty Community invited me to attend NOVU Aesthetic treatment review, I don't hesitate to accept at all. YES! YES! YES! I do..... WTH!  Everything was very pretty and well set up for all The Butterflies to experience the treatment. Did I feel nervous? Well, I don't go for the self-claimed aesthetic centre without further checking beforehand. NOVU Medical Aesthetics is part of the Novena Global Lifecare Group and also one of the largest medical healthcare and esthetics

Non Surgical Face Lift Solution with ID.AZ Face Fit

What are the most visible signs as ageing is catching up? SKIN condition. Young skin - healthy, bright, elastic and fast heal if injured. Ageing skin - wrinkles, sagging, increase age spots, freckles, moles and pigmentation. Well, we are just talking about the surface because this is the most visible area to us. We need to know about what is going on beneath the surface of our skin. No one in this world has an exception to go through the ageing process unless IMMORTAL. We can't reverse ageing but slow down the process is absolutely possible. How? All you need is good skincare and a healthy lifestyle. These days change a lot as times goes by. Technology and Research are so much possible to make the ageing process slower. There are many safe treatments are available from healthcare professionals, for eg. the famous ID Hospital in South Korea and they even have many branches globally. ID Hospital created its very own cosmetic range under IDPLASCOSMETICS suita

A Magical 5th Birthday Unicorn Party with Butterfly Project Malaysia

Ever imagine yourself attending a Unicorn Party once in a life time? This is not a dream for me anymore. I always wanted to attend such theme party but have no chance to get the invitation. Now? I don't have any complaint. I have been there and the feeling was so Magical ! Like in Fairy Tales ..... Nobody going to invite you to any Unicorn Party like me? ** flip hair with snobbish tone** This Unicorina fly high after attending just one party. WTH! hahahaha OK...back to earth Unicorina! Don't pass out up there. You have many things to type down here. I am backkkkk!!! WTH! Throw one people! Yeah! you read it right! Bring the party to you. If you feel to kiddies to throw one party for yourself...hehehe...Mothers!!!! you have your kids as an excuse. kekekeke...How to throw such party??? Well.. I tell you how... based on my observation at a recent party. How to Plan a Magical Unicorn Party? Unicorn Cakes and sweet treats Backdrop Balloons Party Table Decoration

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