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Finger Knitting as New Hobby

Recently feel like my mind hard in getting focus. Even my anxiety level is getting higher too. I decided to do some healing therapy on my own. People says meditation is good for this but my problem is not able to stay wanna me to meditate ? Meditation is something intangible. Big failure for me ! So after search around finger knitting could help to heal my mind , so I give it a try. At least this is tangible. What you need for Finger Knitting ? 1. Yarns - it can be  the big chunky or the medium size one. Depends on what you wanna make. 2. Fingers - obviously you need you fingers. duh! hehehe 3. Scissors - to cut the yarns How to do Finger Knitting ? Step One  Slip end of a yarn between thumb and index finger. Pinch anchor of the yarn to knit. Loop the yarn around your pinkie and weave it through fingers. Step 2  Loop the yarn around index finger and weave it toward pinkie. Step 3  Make full loop around four fingers. I be

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