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Time is slow

Am I the only one or many people out there experience the same? I feel time is very slow during difficult time. I just want to pass this period soonest possible. I know this may sounds crazy.... I want to jump to 4th Quarter soonest possible. wink wink hehehe... yeah! sounds a bit too much! My weekend started as early as 7.30am when he woke me up with certain issue he is facing. mmmm... whatever I just trying my best to help him. Ok ok ... I will treat this as I am paying off my debts. Hopefully my next life will be better. I then off to my appointment in PJ. On the way there received a distress call. A bit confusing on this story. When we are trying to help and people refused. Nothing much we can do! When people label you as disturbing their life and judging them and in fact your intention is to help them , you then feel ... whatever.... I am not at lost! I will just move on with my life. Your life is yours... you are responsible to whatever decision you made and face it! My life is m

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