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Reason for Job Hopper

Grasshopper is name given to this job hopper. Looking to my resume history, Big YES! I am one of the Grasshopper. big LOL! I have my own reason to change my job most of the time and it is among few of the listed below. Do you know that most of job hopper is only thinking about me me me??? Well, who is not? If you not thinking about you, then who will think about you??? hahaha... it is always about me me me me... right??? Reason for job hopper : Boring with current place Not enough enhancement opportunities See no future for growth ( I guess similar to above) Hate the boss (most of us did) no contribution recognition no reward on contribution feel devalued current employer not big enough no more challenge loose trust towards company employer is unethical don't paid enough money cannot get along with co worker (loner) workplace environment is not good current employer not fit them What is your reason for job hopping???? Feel free to add in , if not listed here

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