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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Chinggu Birthday was on 8 Mar aka Women's Day too. I have the advantage here...hehehehe... His celebration was mine too...muakkss.. We decided for the first time to step in Tony Roma's. Yeah! I admit that both of us are very thrifty to spend too luxurious food especially when their specialty is meat. Yup! those slaughtered one.. We both had that lamb ribs, appertiser platter and seriously...both have toothache after that. Yup! that meat thing stuck on our painful and worst both have to wait till reach home for flossing...Oh my.... Both repent and decided this will be the first and the last since both feel total ripped off with that ribs we ate. We both keep consoling least we tried this before we die.WTH! What a birthday without a cakes right? Chinggu gave me the privilege and trusted me with the cakes selection. hahahahaha...bad decision Chinggu! My greedy and over creative part of me end up selected Tofu Cheese Cake a

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