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Staying Alive

Thank God! the presentation was over! My nervous breakdown much more better than my 1st presentation. I still unhappy because I still unable to put that confidence when talking. I admire one of my coursemate whom sat down on the table and just talk and talk without even having any notes to refer. So confidence! I am over jealous and envy him! As we predicted since our group present Proton Berhad so many question arises when Q&A session open to the floor... We need to submit the written report soon so currently , I am working on it. Many analysis need to put in but there were words limit. To write and elaborate is not that difficult but to cut down the words from 2,000 to 1,500 is the challenge. You feel everything is important! My other team member will hate me so much because they give me no choice to throw some of their write up to appendix in term of referrence table. Forgive me! I need to make sure all of us to comply with the rules. I am trying to finish all this at least by t

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