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Ubud Kintamani Trip

22nd Dec 2010 - Ubud trip. Hired black Avanza together with driver for 450k. My trip started with Barong Dance then visit Luwak Coffee farm, Elephant Caves, Mount Kintamani Volcano, Batur Temple and end my day with good spa with balinese massage. Balinese Orchestra... The Monkey.. teasing the crowd Barong or the lion? The dancers.... for me they are more a mixture of Indian Classical dance and Chinese Opera... good experience since they provide a write up in english Me... like a big Mem with my own driver... i love this feeling so need to push myself harder so I can afford all this luxury treatment ahahaha... Me cam whore at Barong Dance Don't pee okay....:) lol Their roadside stalls Another road side stalls... notice that big tree behind... That call a Banyan tree.. wonder how old is that tree... huge and look like centuries old My journey to Elephant cave This pools is for purification Top photo is dry pools here goes the wet one, i mean with the water The elephant cave...

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