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Second day in Saigon, we booked Mekong Delta Day tours from hotel. Cheaper than booking online or whatsoever.Serious very cheap. I paid USD10 each person. I saw internet rate charge around USD20 - 25 per person. When we went to have dinner one night , we overheard the next table is looking for similar tour and asked the waitress...guess what???? They are going to be charged USD25 each. That will be group tour like us too. Not private tour! My sis were asking me whether we should tell them. To me when we are at other country just mind our own business unless the person ask you personally. Then we will tell them honestly. Anyway, we don't want to spoil others business dealings. Don't want trouble in foreign country!   We joined the group tour so we are the first in the bus and now round up around town to pick up more tourist like us.   To reach Mekong Delta , it will take around 2 hours journey. So in between bus stop at this beautiful rest are. I have

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