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Why Friday so near to Monday?

Why is FRIDAY is near to MONDAY? Why is MONDAY is so far AWAY to FRIDAY? So difficult to answer this , huh? I really find problem and think the un necessary. When I posted this questions to my friends...their response was.... " Wei! you too free is it? " " You not enough problem to think is it? " " Woi! crazy ar ? " Like that also you can think ar???? Why you want Friday far away from Monday is it??? Then ask God lor! " " Siau ar you! " Sigh!!!!!!.... is it wrong to think this???? But Why is it near ???? Why not far away???? Ah!!!! feel like crazy think about this.... Sometimes...I also think about why they know how to make spagethi and how they know what to put....mmmmmmm.... really make me crazy to think about all this thing! Why they know how to blend the coffee and the coffee seed need to be dried first before they grind....why ? why?.... Ah! feel like crazy!!! WHYYYYYY???? Happy weekend everyone!

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