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2nd Day - Krabi Tiger Cave

The Cave Behind me is the cave with statue inside - guess the monk sat there for meditation Very very hot day The Big Tree I guess all these trees is more than 100 years old Way to the cave unique statue in the jungle I climbed up these stairs - breathless.....

Krabi - 2nd Day Jungle Trail

No revealing wear.... the stairs to the tiger cave is very high.... there is another one which I have to climb 2137 staircase.... i rather go for this one... enough to make me breathless.. 'Handy Monk' Small rock garden little pagoda Sale Banana for monkey???? something wrong somewhere !!! Slae Sugar can???? mmmmm maybe another way of spelling sugar cane This is the banana for monkey Hot day... need some ice to satisfy my thirst I ate Paddle pop elemagika in krabi???? My diet coke and nescafe... one monkey is aiming for my drinks Lotus blossom ---pretty!!!! Whale skeleton Protect the dustbin from the monkey... chain it lock it prison it... Clear clear sky at Tiger temple I am thirsty too yum yum yum Cat : "I am closer to God" Abondoned temple mega project The Dragon guardian of giant pagoda Guardians and one joker... hehehehe Lotus lotus golden tree and the guardian lotus lotus lotus I didn't join the elephant trekking tour due to I pity the elephan

Krabi - 2nd Day (Morning)

1st Breakfast - coffee!!!! Fresh morning... good morning for Jungle Trail at 8.30am While waiting for the transport... morning walk.. kangkung is everywhere... nice for stir fried with achovy Golden Dragon? Messy cabling Very messy and look dangerous too beautiful flower in Krabi Siam City Bank? 'Coma Medical Clinic??' Nope! its 'Loma Medical Clinic' They worship and respect their Queen & King. Their photos is everywhere!!! Friday Night Thai Boxing!!! Beautiful & unique flower!!! it blossom on the ground. I notice one guy collecting this flower. I imagine he collect and put this flower in big glass bowl with full of water and let this flowers float in the bowl This is how the flower look like before it falls onto the ground and bloom Messy signage and messy cabling 1st mini mart I found.... still in mood for Christmas or preparing for coming Christmas???

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