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Life is like playing monopoly

This story I read is really meaningful and touch my heart and something to remember by all of us. When we play monopoly, we can own anything we desire to won. At the end everything we bought, everything we accumulated - at the end of the game , it all goes back in the box. Isn't that the way it is with our life? No matter how much you push and shove for money, recognition, power, prestige and possessions.... when life is over, everything goes back in the box , including yourself. The only thing we get to keep is our soul. That's where we store who we loved and who loved us....

Untold Story

Yesterday, went for another farewell dinner again. Wow! 4 months and a half in this company I experience at least 7 farewells. Funniest part when the rumors circulating around office that all staff left because of me. Wahahahahaha.... (wicked laugh) I am one powerful women in this office, huh! When the news reached to my ears I just laugh about it.... God Bless them!!!! People who know me understand the truth. The news created by one person who feel threaten with my presence in this company. I dont give a damn! I am counting down for my departure and just can't wait to get out! Yesterday, meeting with the headhunter for few position (high level) but the feedback I received was disappointment. Even the headhunter withdraw from our company. Their comment is they want to maintain their good reputation in the market. Damage have been done so it is hard for me to amend this on behalf of the company. I just can continue search for any other headhunter whom never work with us and start fr

Krabi 4th Day - 4 Island Hoping (1st Island)

speed Boat clear sky good weather hot sun uwaaaaa no need sun bathe Yo Yo yo my 1st time speed boat ride Here come the 1st Island clear jade green sea water Dark brownie me Behind is marine base These ppl live here and response to our calls when we need them hungry! can eat or not? My 1st beach art shot My 2nd beach art shot Nice weather nice shot Beautiful scene another art shot wish I could swim and climb that rock island can see my ageing spot... wonder of make up they hide everything and without it you look 5 addition to your original age - the ugly side of me

Krabi 3rd Day - The World Molluse Fossil site

I thought this is Pamelo but I was wrong! Mystery big 'pamelo'in krabi. dont know what fruit Cam Whore even when I am tired Drink coconut just now... then only I realise I was sitting next to Kancil. kancil in krabi? Its a small world after all This is Tsunami hazard place This is the fossil cemetary site amazing... Hot hot day! but the view was fantastic Walked on this hot path without my slippers.... I am afraid to be in Krabi prison because there is sign not to where slippers while walking on this site sample of the fossil The wave is amzingly beautiful fossil from near view soft shell... i touch them... proud ahahaha Hot day! I saw people buying this ice cream... Bread top with glutunious rice at bottom then coconut ice cream, attap chee, corns,ground nut and evaporated milk.... ah!!! refreshing and yummy yummy yummy yummy.... only RM2... wow better than paddle pop.

Krrabi - 3rd Day Marine Fish Hatchery

I found this while on the way to Shell Cemetary site Very hot hot hot hot day.... sweating like in sauna....see behind background??? When I reached there 2 big buses loaded with Thai school kids.... educational trip maybe... Pretty tutsie!!! I was very close to them... mmm but dare not touch afraid they bite me The dancing fish... look like rythmic gymnastic

End of Krabi 2nd Day - Dinner

Malaysian will be always Malaysian... the roti canai follows even in Krabi hahaha Rotee Salad by the road side - oily but yummyyyyyy Fish dishes follows me too... Tom Yam Kung Shrimp omellete This is enough to make me indigestion for the whole night... suffer due to my greediness... I hope I learn my lesson...

Frust nyeee

Frustrated! This is the right word. My internet connection not co operating with me. I have been trying to upload my photos but the connection keep fail. fly kite! I am not trying anymore tonight. another night then... Oh ya! last 3 days is the most weird days.... He was here for 3 days in a row and I was back home almost at 10.00pm. I am trying my best to assist him all I can. Not to mentioned all the shit he put to me... tell me about it.. I am the garbage collector. I am suppose to turn these garbage into gold! almost every day for when he is here I told him do not include me in his expansion plan. I am not interested. I even told him my last day in the organisation. I am being very frank eat up! My decision is FIRM! He told me , Rina you are now Financial Controller for this company.... ooopppssss what you say again??? FC? Since when? Is this the way for you to make people stay?? promote them??? You can offer me bigger post or more money.... nope!!!! my health at stake...

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