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Beijing - Wangfujing Exploration

Officially give up to upload all photos. Let me restore all my patience then I will upload more... For now...... Nasi Lemak with spicy prawns in flight  Min Zhie travelling with me to Beijing... Yup! I promised to bring her to Great Wall :)  Beijing Taxi lining up to bring the customers to destination... They charged me almost RM40 to my hotel... around 40km from airport  Min Zhie testing the bed.... mmmm she love it!  Not bad this hotel give you internet connection with CPU link to TV monitor... hahaha surfing nuffnang  1st night exploration to Wangfujing.... I just need to cross the road from my hotel and walk for 10 minutes tio reach Wangfujing....yippeyyy so convenient!!!!  One of the stalls in Wangfujing street selling all type of goodies from cricket,scorpions,baby shark,crabs,seahorses,snails,worms and many more to list down... I will upload more soon...

Beijing - Achievement

Just came back from Beijing and reach home at 1:00am. Woke up and the 1st thing I went out to look for my craving.hehehehe Nasi Lemak le...kekekeke Interesting and eye opener trip. Lot of walking because I don't do any ground tour. I took subway and bus and mostly walking and walking and walking again. I hurt my ankle my heel and my foot feel very sore. Anyway all the pain is worth it for me! My list of achievement for this trip ( 16 - 23 September 2011).... * Mutianyu great Wall * Underground Ming Tomb * Forbidden City (full exploration from South to west to east to north...all covered) * Tianenmen Square (even joined the crowd to watch the flag down ceremony with the background of sundown... amazing) * Summer Palace (Full exploration) * Niujie Street * Beihai Park * Prince Gong Mansion (covered the whole mansion) * Xiangshan Park * Kun Ming Lake * Xong Shan Lake * Wangfujing street (every night) * Hutong * Silk Street (don't really like there, just like P

Working and Waiting

Dear world! Here I am  waiting at 5:30am..for cab He coming or not coming ... I just pray hard to meet good people this morning. Woke up since 4:30am to wash my long hair. Ah!!! should have gone to the hair salon earlier the length. Last night by 10:30pm still replying emails for working. Look like this will be a working and vacation trip. I wonder how my trip would be . Me keep telling people my journey to beijing only will take 3hours. Whenever , I said that people will ask me which airline I will take. I wonder!!! Then when I checked my ticket ....ah! the journey will take 6 hours at least. No wonder .... people face are disbelief when I said I will reach 3 hours later. mmmmm my bad.. will be reaching there at 3:30pm and my flight depart at 9:30am. Goodbye everyone I am one step to reach my dreams to visit the place I believe I was born in my last life.... weird thinking????

Princess Panda Dreams

Princess Panda Eyes

Good morning!!! This is how I look this eyes and sssslllllleeeppppyyyy... Huarhhhh.... huarrrrhhhh.... yawning heavily.. I am still active at 2:30am. I am still counting the sheep and my alarm rang and I need to go to work... Huhuhuhu when did I sleep???? Why I feel tired but my eyes can't shut and my mind is working actively???? A cup of coffee doesn't work for me today... but that is all I can have!!!! What will my day like today???? Hope it turn well and don't make me into grumpy panda!!!

Garlic and Olive oil pasta

Whoa!!! I am a genius.... My pasta was marvellous... ehehehe at least to my taste. Tonight I throw down all my diet because of my craving for Garlic& Olive oil pasta. Yeah! worth of sacrifice.... love it! So simple yet delicious! All you need, Pasta Garlic - thin slice Olive oil salt pepper english parsley flakes parmesan cheese Saute garlic till brown . Then add in pasta , olive oil and stir fry. Add in salt to taste and stir again. Serve it hot. sprinkle pepper, parsley and parmesan cheese... mmmmmmm... dinner ready!!!!


Pasta Korean Drama 2010 Olive & Garlic Pasta     Whoa! yesterday started watching this korean drama Pasta . You could click on link given for more details. I am one big fan for Aglio Olio Spaghetti. But watching this drama make me craving for all type of pasta. Olive & Garlic oil pasta is the most basic one to start with. Ah! I am cravingggggg!!!!! 

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