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Princess Comical : Wish and Dream

Regret to announce, I am not a Rockstar until now...... I don't have the basic criteria at all! 1. I am tone deaf 2. Can't sing 3. Shy 4. Can't play music instrument at all duhhhhh.... here I am an OL for almost 18 years now....Thanks to God!!! God knows my capability!!!!

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : Chinese Seal for Princess

Paparazzi spotted Princess getting a seal carving. The seal was beautifully craved on a raw stone with Princess beautiful name translated into ancient Chinese words! Congratulation Princess with your new official ancient Chinese seal! During one of our private interview with Princess... Princess explained about seal carving... "Well , I was looking forward for this seal a long time ago when I visited Beijing! Due to limitation in language so I put my dream off! Recently, found this man on the street carving this I just go for it!!!!" " The seal carving is an ancient art and closely associated with Chinese writing. After all most seals have Chinese characters on them. Chinese characters have developed many different scripts or styles over the long Chinese history." While showing off her new seal she explained further on the red color ink for her new seal. " Red is the color of a Chinese seal. Red is the luckiest colour for Ch

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : Princess Craving

Princess was spotted eating at high calories and unhealthy food these days! Did Princess suffer a high stress life after her recent decision to accept too many responsibilities? One of paparazzi express his concern to see Princess living her sweet life like this. On the other hand some praise Princess for her care - less about her weight gaining problem. She seems to live her life in 'extremely positive' way! Calanthe Black and White Coffee Princess need to watch out! too much spiciness won't do any good to your body! Full plate of rice,Princess???? Beware!!! or you loose yourself! Durian!!!! wow!!! still have full appetite for dessert like this??? Durian puff anyone??? Festive goodies!!! 2 bowls of Cendol??? Oh Gosh!!! Princess is totally stress out!!! Princess still can stomach in brownies with ice cream .... Wow! amazing appetite! Finally ...all wash out with glass of cucumber and lime ju

Jonker Street Dragon Year

If last year all about adorable rabbit hopping around you...this year is time for Dragon to bring out its fire.....rrrrrrooooaaarrr!!!! Chinese New Year just around the corner. Most decoration on the street,shops,shopping Mall are all about the Dragon. I am in festive mood again this week.... Today is mid of week. mmmmm... don't feel like working huh!!! ..but I am not in the position to be lazy woman... I just can sing that lazy song!!! Pavillion longest dragon Jonker Street also claim they have the longest dragon This angle look like a mixture of bird and don't know what animal Flip flop...mmm what is the significant with this dragon year??? hehehehe nothing!!! During the celebration...please play safe and wise...hihihihih what with this banana??? itchy bitchy finger keep clicking...kekekeke Oh!!! beware with a T Rex in life.... don't be so tame and be lame live your life healt

Paparazzi on Princess Cindyrina : RM1.8million property

Starting from today Princess Cindyrina will bring you on and off paparazzi news on Princess Cindyrina. This morning Princess Cindyrina is viewing RM1.8million worth of property in Bangsar. Right after she was spotted driving off to another potential high end building looking for new office unit worth millions. With recent economy slump down did Princess really make that kind of money to give her right to purchase such a high end property? Don't be fool by Paparazzi! Princess is currently looking for property for one millionaire she knows! With current Princess financial position there is no way for her to afford such a high end property! Recent weekend Princess was spotted strolling by Malacca Straights and Jonker Street for last minute festive shopping!


Last week I was conducting 3 days aggressive interview for our new team. Mainly fresh graduates in Accounts and Finance background. I called 40 people and 28 confirmed the interview with the turn up only 15 people. So don't blame not enough experience and not sufficient vacancy. It is all about attitude!!! Highlights from the interviews... Me : Any question about the company before we end this session? Candidate : You.... you... how long you have been working here??? (me with almost speechless expression...) Me : Name any 3 of expenses accounts. Candidate : Cost, Current Asset, Furniture (Oucchhhhh!!! Feel like punching her face) Me : Tell me about yourself Candidate : I work with this company bla bla bla I did this bla bla bla..I work here befoe bla bla Me : So yourself is about working and working... I ask you about yourself no about your working experience. Candidate : Oh! never thought of that! Me : Any question you want to ask me about this company? Cand

We need people with brain

My plea to our government - please hire people who drive and with brain to decide on speed sign. How could you drive at 10km/j when it is a straight long road. My car barely move ....what the heck!!! Shall I get down from my car and start pushing it with my thumb instead of hitting the fuel??? Gosh!!!!! Did this people who decide on speed sign, is riding a bicycle at that time??? or did they bare foot walk down the road??? Not making any sense to all!!! long straight road and take ages to reach to other destination because car you drive at 10km.....what the heck!!!! Driving slow like a snail.......

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