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Pulau Besar or Big Island

This place located near Umbai, 10km south of Malacca City, local called as Pulau Besar or English direct translation as Big Island. According to legend this island resembles the shape as pregnant woman. Long time ago there is this heart broken princess who husband died. She then jump into the sea and the body floated and become an island since she was pregnant at that time. There you go about Big Island. You could also find a cave which believed used by ancient warrior practicing magic arts and martial arts. Good place for divers too! Since I went there quite late so can't cross over to big island. Wish could go there one day!!!! Tell you later!!!! hehehehe fisherman boat and also speed boat to cross over to big island...

Different side

 Basket ball at seaside???? anyone??? Father  and Son evening strolling.... Lonely lighthouse.... the only thing in the sea left alone without a friend.... if you are lonely and feeling sad please thing about the lighthouse in middle of the sea....eheh.. Abandoned boat.... I love the lighting today.... one of my favourite photo for this evening wide ocean another favourite.... love to see the sunshine and that marvellouse reflection beautiful peaceful fall in love ...calm effect as the sunset.... the world will turn dark.... this kid is looking for one type of shell seafood I love this calm feeling .... wrap up the evening with a great dinner!!!!

Are you the DADDY?

I was walking after my dessert hunting with my girlfriend one night. We both separated after each bought 'GONG CHA' for second round dessert session. She walked towards LRT station and I went down to the car park. Well , that night I was wearing something more 'feminine like' dress with a 3 inches platform to compliment to that dress.... like my friend were saying I need to behave like a 'lady' tonight! Shalalalalalalalala...taking the escalator down to car park with one hand one holding tight to my car key and another holding my 'GONG CHA'. Still want to maintain feminine side of me by just holding the 'GONG CHA' when my heart is ripping out to sip it even once! Ah!!!!!... maintain your composure...stay calm and you almost reach to your car and then get 'GET LOOSE' in there!!! I keep telling myself that. Then I notice one man in front me... Not bad looking...melted! Good lean body built... he has good abs! Tall...

My Boss Coach

I am still searching for a dream girl . When you are interviewing , more than 7 years working experience Personal Assistant with at least 5 years working with high level Bosses like CEO and so on..... How to begin this entry??? mmmm a little lost now since I have too many things to write. Mainly my experience interviewing all these 'so called' high level PA. I am one of those interviewer who prefer my candidate to 'be themselves' during the interview but yet she need to know how to carry herself well. You can get loosen up when you are interviewing with me....hhehehehe ... THATS MY STYLE!!!  how am I going to know who I am working with , if all those during the interview , just put up an act??? One of the candidate is 35 years old lady. Very ambitious, talkative, not a good listener ( she have problem waiting for questions to finish and straight shooting the answer in the middle of the questions,OH Wow to her!) she ia lazy...(mmm.... she never

Long time didn't eat

This one is my Kitchen creation.... hehehe was hungry and lazy to go out to buy my own food. BBQ sauce noodles with omelete and fried drummet..... I don't finish it...too much for me!!1 Sunday breakfast - half boiled eggs with cup of coffee Sunday tea time...sambal chee cheong fun                                                             Herbal Tea and Jelly for soothing my throat                                                                         Butter & Kaya Toast bread Oh!!!! hhehehehe my favourite Nasi Lemak..


4Aishhh.... now I know what RINA means.... mmmm... how could my parent name me as 'Green Vegetables' ... ah!!! ' Village' too??? at least got one 'Song of Joy'! Ah! a 'Man' too???? Ohhhh!!! I am suppose to be 'melted' too??? 'Dissolved' too??? mmmmm.... mummy I am speechless I found out this meaning... Could you tell me what were you thinking when you name me when I am your baby??? Mummy??? Daddy???? I will carry the name till I die... Anyway.... after all this whining when I found the truth... I am still proud of my name...ahhh.... 'Green from Village'???? Thank you my parent!

You! You! You!

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