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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Skip breakfast but go for brunch still my brunch - soup still my brunch - potato patties My friend birthday bash at Kesington - this is just our starter....totally delicious starter! Seafood tomyam fried rice...olalalalala Oh! we back to starter again??? add wild mushroom soup and garlic bread. Creamy seafood fetuccini Sunday brunch - nasi lemak Hokkien fried koay teow and noodles Sunday dinner -lime juice with plum Nyonya style seafood curry noodles seafood cantonese fried during his birthday friend decided to try this unique coffee ...'whisky coffee' olalalalalala

Another Outing

Snap photo from inside car - Gunung Nuang look so shy up there. small road which we don't even know what is waiting for us reached at this beautiful stream or river...mmmmm don't know which one is this...small shack at side for weekender picnic lover to sit and relax continue the journey again...with no specific destination in mind whoa!!!!! beautiful lake by the road side oh!!!! not a lake but a damp

Happy Belated Birthday

Dark and White Chocolate Cheese Cake Chocolate Indulgence Dory fish with Lobster sauce I know a bit late for me to wish this to all gorgeous and strong women out there.....Happy Women's day. For my beloved best friend, Happy 41st Birthday....huhuhuhuhuhu so old!!!! Wish you in good health and good luck always!!!! I am glad...God send you to me!

My Pay Slip

My Blur Day

We all have our BLUR DAY sometimes. I face this moment almost everytime... aiyoh! What confuse things we do during our Blur Day??? Me??? huh! * Facial Toner become contact lens solution * Tooth Paste become my facial wash * Use office access card to enter my house * Use house key to start my car * Show my mobile phone at toll gate instead of my smart toll card * Throw my plate and spoon after eating at home (that is why all my plates and spoon always gone missing) * Almost forgot to wear my bra to work...damn! lucky I realize it when I am in the car * Drive pass through the petrol station ..even though your mind keep saying need to pump in the petrol * Took off my shoes and enter the car bare foot. Left my shoes at car park! damn!!! thank god I have extra shoes in car. * Trying to pay the cashier at supermarket with my driving license * This one during those younger days when I took public transport to work... I ordered the bus ticket conductor , one ice lemon

Personal Preference

Happy Monday everyone!!!! Huaaaarrrgghhhh.... so lazy after the weekend. Better get ourself cup of long black before we blackout! kekeke... Our personal preference is ours... Duh! what kind of statement is this??? Share with you my personal experience. Case 1 Boss : You decide which hotel you prefer... Me : OK In my heart , Boss! you are staying there. Not me!!! If you want me to decide base on my preferences and use your money...... I will go for 6 stars,luxury spa,personal driver,convenient for shopping trips! Now, how am I going to decide if I will be here in the office. Case 2 Guy A : Hi! having your dinner alone??? Can I join? Me : NO! I prefer to eat alone. Please sit at the next table. Nothing to write today .... so I just write in whatever in my mind. Wish everyone have good week!!!

Kuala Selangor Food

Watermelon and Cucumber juice blend Regular ABC with rainbow ice cream I am bitching to my friend about not giving me anything to eat... My lunch at 3pm near Bukit Melawati - Rice with Chilli Prawn my snack on the way to sekinchan...pop corn ...mmmmm still popping hot!!! Roasted coconut anyone??? Coconut vinegar I found this alien at this coconut stall This is the roasted coconut....the outer shell is actually black...they cut it out. The coconut juice is freaking hot.... and the coconut flesh is tasty. Taste like nuts! Since I am very impatient....yeah...  My friend opt for 'panda' coconut... very nice fragrance and taste good too.....mmmmm I told my friend to pour my freaking hot coconut juice into this shell instead to get it cool off. Tea time at 5pm - Have you tried 'Mee Udang Banjir' translation 'Flooded Prawn Noodles' Here goes... boiled potatoes blend with dried shrimps mix with

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