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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Coffee lover....A cup of coffee make a good starts of your day. Most enjoy the boost that the caffeine gives you to stay alert. Caffeine is absorbed rapidly into your bloodstream Caffeine  * Stimulate your nervous system which make you feel more awake, alert and able to concentrate. * Increase effectiveness of analgesics up to 40 % and is a common ingredients in migraine medications. * Noted as protection from Parkinson's Disease. Apart from coffee, other products normally contain caffeine including black tea, chocolate and colas. However if caffeine causes uncomfortable pounding chest, jittery nerves or shaking hands, you may want to consider decaf coffee. Decaf coffee does not mean there is no caffeine at all. It contains small amount of caffeine. Decaffeinated only mean reduce the amount of caffeine in a product without affecting the flavors. If you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine then you may want to consider decaffeinated. You can enjoy


This is where people who wanna turn over a new leaf. Ahaaaaaa..... People are talking about eat healthy, eat clean and bla bla bla bla... Some people will while you can. Maybe no more tomorrow and die with regret. WTH! Well...eating healthy is not that easy if you live in the land of food paradise like Malaysia. Goodness sake! the temptation is horrendous! Anyway for those who don't know about eating healthy or clean or lean or whatever it is..does not mean bland food or little food. I tried before and I lose 5 kg with that and I still eat deliciously. To me, eat healthy is fresh food with moderate portion. Salad is one of option for you. I love salad so much. that I back up 5kg...(gosh!!!! I am like a hyppo now) Too many delicious food, so end up sweep everything to my belly. WTH! Time to eat fresh and clean. I back up on treadmill after retire for a month. WTH! Thats explained the pot belly and 5kg up. Just


I purchase this bestselling cleanser last 2 months. Love this one because it is in sherbet form. No more dripping when do the cleansing. You know that cleansing oil always drip here and there. But this one was so easy to use. What is Banila Co. Clean it Zero? Its a sherbet type cleansing balm. It remove dirt , make up and oil without drying up skin or even leaving behind a greasy residue. Ingredients? * Part of ingredients which I remember seeing it lazy to google since the box all written in Korean Language. They have Mineral oil, Papaya fruit extract, Angelica root extract, raspberry leaf extract and the rest all so scientific term. So google...if you want to know more since if I don't even know it if I write here. ngeeehihihihihih... SMELL? Banila Co. Clean it Zero doesn't have any added fragrance, but it does have a pleasant floral - fruity kind of smell. Well the smell does not overpowering and it disappears as soon


If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I have bunion foot. isk isk isk I even save up money for expensive micro current treatment all the way at Hong Kong which I did it like 2 years ago. I am not fully healed since the big toe still there but less hurt to my feet and it gave me lots of flexibility on my toe part compare to previous before the treatment. I am totally extra careful when choosing my footwear. If I can't heal, I would choose to slow down the process for being a handicapped! huhuhuhuh... There are many type of disease which lead to foot problems : * Arthritis * Bunion * Spur / Heel Pain * Joint / Spine Ache * Prolong Standing and Walking * Foot Fatigue * Maternity * Diabetics My Bunion feet was like above before the micro-current treatment. It was stiff and hurt badly. So suffer.  Now after the micro current treatment, I still maintain my feet by doing the prescribed physiotherapy exercise frequently. I still can


I am still so much in love with Korean food. suit my taste bud well. I wanna share to you my favourite all time Korean Restaurant called Sopoong. Sopoong means Picnic in Korean language. This restaurant manage by a Korean family and was here in Malaysia since year 2011 and still here....expanding. Why they choose Sopoong as restaurant name? We share good food good moment with our friends and love ones. This Restaurant use this name to remind people of this moment...GOOD FOOD, GOOD COMPANY and GOOD ENVIRONMENT. If I feel like so missing traditional Korean food , I will pay a visit to this place call Sopoong.Moreover, they have quite number of branches around town, Berjaya Times Square, IOI City Mall, Quill City Mall and new one coming near Starling, Uptown Damansara. My old time favourite Haemul Jjigae. Super hot and spicy pack with lots of fresh seafood. Oh! did I mentioned to you with Ramen and Tteuk in it too??? Super delicious to enjoy this with good c


When you hear the word Genting....the first thing come to your mind is CASINO? Then Theme Park? Genting is not just about hotel, casino and theme park but you can relate Genting with more fun and also educational and engaging activity.  Not many people know there are such tour organise by the resort called BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR where you can take a sneak peak into resort daily operations and learn more about the resort! This is not just for kid but seriously it really good and fun activities for whole family too. Our group was led to First World Hotel laundry. WTH!!!! This place is hugggggggeeeeeee!!!! If I am not mistaken the capacity is like 75,000 per day. OMG!  I never been to massive laundry before and I could say I was amaze with the full equip technology and systematic work by skilled workers. They even have the machine call Transformer to iron out the suit. It only take them less than 3 minutes ti get it done! It more look like Iron Man suit huh?

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