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Glam and Foxy Look with GlamFox Lipstick

I am one person who never steps out from home without applying anything on my lippy. I love to keep my lippy moisturize because dry and crack lip really hurt and uncomfortable. Recently, this awesome sweet flowery lippy moist protection reached to my doorstep.  From the packaging to the product.....I find this GlamFox collection make me mesmerized with it. It looks like in a fantasy world with all the flowery things around me.  I would say this item from GlamFox suits a 'Princess wannabe' like me.  Chewwahhhhh!!! GlamFox Fleurissant Lip Glow 3.3g, RM42 Product claimed : * Fresh lips * Smooth Lips * Moist Lips * Vivid Lips There are six types of GlamFox Fleurissant Glow : 1. GL01 Moonlight Flower 2. GL02 Honey Flower 3. GL03 Peach Flower 4. GL04 Rose Flower 5. GL05 Emerald Flower 6. GL06 Witch Flower The one reached me is the GL03 Peach Flower.  My experience trying out GlamFox Fleurissant Glow GL03 Peach Flower was reall

I tried to break into others car

Last weekend ...well should I just say this happened to me yesterday. isk isk isk with my antique! I went back hometown for a night to fetch my parent back to KL for their medical checkup. My sister drove back to North. While travelling on the highway we saw this long trailer full of new Mercedes Benz car. Me : Let us hijack that trailer like in the 'Fast and Furious' movie. Sis : Merz each ya. Me : But how are we going to get up on that trailer? Sis : Just go up la... Me : How to reverse the car down to the road? Sis : What la... I thought we are 'Fast and Furious' team? Me : But I still scared la...if get caught...I think just say I am taking a selfie. Sis :  Chehhhh!!!!   ???? That's how I killed off the drama I created out of sudden. I was the one driving back to KL yesterday. We stopped at Rest area near Tapah. After breakfast , I walked alone back to my car to drive car nearer to my parent.

Travelogue : 6th Day , Jeju-do

11th October 2018, Thursday Today leaving out Seogwipo for another hotel for final half of my journey in Jeju-do. I woke up early in the morning and walked out to Maeil Olle Market for simple breakfast I can find there. The weather was a bit chilly on that day. I guess due to the place I stayed is near the seaside. Maeil Olle Market Seogwipo There are many local goodies you can find here like my all-time favourite rice cakes and tangerine jam fluffy bread which you can only find it here. I end up eating Oden aka fish cake with anchovies soup for my breakfast. At least a hot soup to warm up my stomach. I bought some bread for my long journey drive later on. Back to my hotel, I took the lift up to the rooftop to view some of the awesome views of Seogwipo before I leave this place. Snap some spectacular view and check out from the hotel around 11am. On the way to my second hotel, I stop by Ecoland for some photos and recalling my sweet memories on my last trip

Silky Smooth Skin with Althea Milk Cream Mask

I always thought using skincare with Milk as ingredients will be too rich for my skin. I was afraid it will cause oily and acne prone skin. So, I never take any consideration to even try the milk base skincare. When Althea sent over Milk Peel Cream Mask to me, I was hesitated to try this. I tried for the first time because I need to review this product and write down my experience.  Read on my experience written from the bottom of my heart on how I felt about this Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask. Althea Korea claimed Milk Peel Cream Mask is a peeling mask with the ability to gently strip away dead skin cells. Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask Packaging I love that the packaging comes with pump out bottle which is easier and convenient to get a good and accurate amount of the mask from the bottle. Compare to tube packaging, I prefer pump out bottle like this to avoid messiness and this is also more hygienic. Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask Ingredients * Contains

Travelogue : 5th Day , Jeju-do

10th October 2018, Wednesday Last day at Seogwipo. I decided to go for a forest walk again. I need to have more fresh air from here. At least to heal my tired body. The last trip to Jeju-do, I don't get the chance to Cheongjiyeon Waterfall but I did visited Jeongbang waterfall which is nearby. So, I decided to visit this place in the morning. The place is only 5 minutes drive from the place I stay. There are many stalls at the entrance of this place. One of the stalls is selling famous Jeju-do Octopus bread. I was trying to eat this few nights ago at Olle Market, but the queue was super long, so I gave up. Octopus Bread, Jeju-do I decided to buy on for morning breakfast. Serious delicious. Cost me KRW3,000. This is like pancakes batter sprinkled with dried octopus flakes, a special Jeju grown barley and mozzarella cheese. I can eat many of this. But when I keep converting the price. Aihhhh!! I eat one enough le... for taste. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall I re

Travelogue : 4th Day Jeju-do

9th October 2018, Tuesday Starting my 4th day in Jeju-do with another good mood again. I was thinking to visit the most talk about the place if you visit Jeju-do. I don't have the chance to visit this place in my last short trip. My first time filling up petrol into the rental car too. Next, to the petrol station, there is this big Hello Kitty Museum and Cafe. It was not open yet since still early in the morning. I just parked at the carpark leisurely since no other car except mine. I was busy snapping photos before one Ajussi talked something in Korean. He was telling me to park my car properly. huhuhuh...He must be a caretaker here. I just quickly snap a photo and drove away. Bye, Bye Ajussi. hehehehe... Osulloc Tea Museum and Innisfree Jeju House, Seogwa-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-is, Jeju-do Here I am after 30 minutes drive reached this most talks about the place in Jeju-do.Do you know AmorePacific? This company have developed many successful beauty brand

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