Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Sorry' The Hardest Word?

Why is it too difficult for some people to express their apology?
' Sorry ' , with just a simple word utter from your mouth was not enough.
'Sorry' must come with sincerity from bottom of your heart and you really mean it!

Apologising with a smiles on your face may make an angry person more irate.

If a person disatisfied with your work or whatsoever, try to make restitution. when you make that,be prepared to change the way things are done.

Repent genuinely which means you are truly sorry!
You need to make commitment not to repeat the same mistake again.

Admit you were wrong and you are regret to make that mistake. People will appreciate your braveness to face your own wrong doing.

When people hurt by your behaviour or mistake, the next thing you have to is to seek forgiveness.

With the points that I highlighted above, one thing I can say...
We are all just a human. We are different individual. Most of us have ego in ourselves. Sometimes, to seek forgiveness for our wrong doing is not so simple as just utter the word.
We need to open our heart and mind in order to do that.
We need to be prepared and accept the outcomes.

I am also one person who can't say sorry easily. My mind and heart not fully open for that yet! 3 letters to describe..
Its E G O!!!!

Sorry is the hardest thing! Its sounds like a song ya!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Change for the better

' Enhance productivity by identifying the strengths, not weaknesses, of your employees '

I have been working for my current company for almost 3 years. What I get , my boss is identifying my weaknesses rather than my strengths almost everyday. All my life there (still there now) trying my best to beat up all my weaknesses. At first, I thought it is challenge for me to improve myself, however, its getting tiring everyday.

I am well known to most of my ex employers as very efficient, hardworking and positive attitude employee. But not at this current one!
Whatever it is through my current company, I gained so much experience and continue learning from every mistake made and every success happens by my top.
' To be productive, provide feedback on strengths and how they can be developed even further. Many bosses or managers spend most of their times with team members trying to resolve their weaknesses and have little time to point out their strenghts, which is more critical'
The phrase mentioned , exactly how I feel right now! Every single day my weakenesses have be pointed out until to the extend I feel I have no more strength in me to be highlighted anymore!
Whatever it is, I am still the same person. Stay strong and positive in whatever I am doing. No matter how much pressure I get from people around me I will survive!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Car Hunting - Part 11 (Doubtful Mission)

Unusual Sunday morning for me.
9.30am send my 'old junk' to spa.
Took almost 2 hours of my time. Very unusual for me to wait that long.
Normally, I am well known as very impatient in anything.
I am more calm and relax today. Sat there quietely reading my book while waiting. Very unusual of me to read. Yes! I am trying my best to develop into reading habit. I am more a watcher than a reader. Trying hard to change now.
Then drove my car to the car dealer with hope could get better price to trade in. Yeah ! I got the price that I wanted.
However, the car that I wanted is out of stock.
Damn! the car is not mine..
Need to move on and look for others.
The Salesman trying his best to persuade for another option.
Well, of course he suggested to the more pricey one!
Don't mess up with me. I am one person hold to my mission tightly.
You can't trick or play game with me. If I came out from my home today with mission to get one car with price that I want, I will not diverse from that mission.
He then withdraw and promise to get the same spec, same price from other branch. hihihih...
I may look helpless but still strong at heart.
After the doubtful mission to find my new car, I went for facial treatment.
The most unpleasant one too... Whats wrong with this people.
Do I still want to return back to that place for treatment, again?
Dream on...
By the time I reached home its almost 4.00pm and then I realised I didn't eat any single thing since morning.
I am hungry.. but just don't know what to eat.
Worried that I am developing into aneroxia because I really loosing my appetite this few weeks.
Maybe because too many sad thing happen to me this month.
Whatever it is, I will continue to survive and be strong.
I can do it!
Maybe one day I want to sit down , cry and feel helpless as I have been hold on to this feeling for a very long time.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Car Hunting

Kia Citra

Chana Era CV6

Chana Era CM8

Saturday , Mar 28, 2009 is the busiest day and hard for me. I go on for car hunting. I need to change my devoted 10 years old Kembara. Its time to change. 1st too many sounds going on. 2nd I feel unsafe to drive. 3rd I need car that can bring back to north.
New mini budget does not extend any benefit for 10 year old car owner like me. Why I said that? RM5,000.00 only to trade in the car. While my car value almost RM12k to RM13k in market. I believe , I can at least get RM8k to RM9k at used car dealer. Plus I got not much choice just to buy Proton or Perodua??? Expensive for a small tiny car...
One thing about me, I have phobia on driving lowered car , I mean compact car. Why? 1st I feel scared of all those big car bully me . 2nd , I can't see the pot holes ahead of me. 3rd, flash flood is everywhere. 4th I need big car to boost up my timid confidence and beat up those road bully.
Like many people said, you can't beat them, then join them hahah
My friend even suggested me to think about buying a lorry or something..
Yeah! my friend then every weekend you can see me under the flyover with a signage 'lorry for hire anyone?' Very funny eh!
Well, back to my car hunting.. Since I am also under tight budget and also unsecured with my existing job (afraid to loose it anytime - argh very uncertain), therefore trying my best to get it lower as possible.
I am also picky.. my friend were saying ' duit tak ada tapi mau ada gaya ' .
No my friend , thats not me but of course we want the best in everything. Thats why we need to survey find the best. Thats what I always do when I need to make big commitment. We need to put more effort to get the best. Not necessay the result is what we expected, but we hope for almost there....
Out of my list : My V, Viva, all protons car ( not that I don't want to support Malaysian car, but I just feel as local made they should not price it that high with that kind of specs)
As much as I dream for a rexton, honda or toyota budget is not enough for time being. Therefore, I go for what I can afford.
In my list (within budget) : Kia Citra (2l) , Chana ERA(CV6), Chana CM8
I went to see Chana ( which is China car with Japanese Suzuki engine and Italian design) I can tell you , not bad! I don't mind buying . However, too bad all their car are manual version. I am one automatic driver. Hello... don't expect to keep changing gear in KL during peak hours... pain to my feet!!!
So now I only have one choice left Kia Citra. Promotion last until next week.
Here we goes , I am still considering but hopefully God can show me the light... need to re think further. Budget very tight as well... I don't want to be over committed.
I feel hesitate right now...
If the car is meant to be mine that its mine... if its not I will move on and find others..
God please show me the light...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just another day

Before I start my episode 1, need to say that 'Boys Before Flower' getting hot and hot.
Lee Min Ho hotter and hotter !
In my dream you will be....
Talking about dreams..
I have been waking up few time for past few nights due to nightmare...
Waking up sweating and shivering scared of something that you don't know what!
I believe that I am all awake when its happen or something...
I remember scream as loud as possible hope someone could rescue me from I don't know what..
But I just feel very scared and scared...
I live alone even if I scream or cry nobody realise I am having a very bad dream..
Nobody care to rescue me anyway... ahhhhh!!!
Now I realise pathetic life I have here...
Yeah... maybe its my MF giving me all the nightmares...
Ok! trying my best to get my Managerial Finance (MF) in place.
At 1st don't have a clue how to start this MF thingy.
Everything is new.. well not so new just that I m being ignorance about all this. My fault!
Selected few stocks. Mainly blue chip. Not potato chip ok..
Do analysis on stocks movement for a month. I suppose to do some write up on why I choose this and compare it with some other with same industry. I need to write on strategy and bla bla bla...
My writing is damn good for cartoon or comic not for some financial write up that need all those bombastic serious term and talk...
Here goes me ... need to do a lot of readings just to get thing right or else..
MBA oh MBA..
Getting tougher and tougher for ordinary plain Jane like me...
God! give me some strength to go through this rough time...
I just want to survive peacefully and hope you bless me always...
I am not a Superwoman but I know every problem and bad or sad thing happened to me , make me even stronger than ever.. I will face it without avoiding any of them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finding the Right Talent

As much as I am looking for opportunity at other places, I am also currently conducting recruitment drive at my current co.
Being 'one leg kick' at my current work place, i am also responsible to shortlist and interview the candidates.
Finding the right people into the company is not an easy task.
Few candidates , are over talented and some under qualified.

What is the criteria?
Tough background - going through hardship before.
This is not an easy job.
Fitting in with the colleague is not that difficult because we are bunch of friendly people. However fitting in with the Boss is the most challenging.
Come in and join us and experience the mentally challenge with us.

Why we are still here, eventhough its tough?
Why we want to torture ourselves?
We have our own story but we also have one similar story we are here to earn a living and to survive. We call ourselves SURVIVOR!!!

Back to getting people into the company..
Everytime , I signed the appointment letter and pass it to the selective employee, I feel very guilty.
Everytime they signed the letter of acceptance, my heart always said ' What you get yourself into girl/guy? '
Everytime I asked them whether they accept my offer, I always wish they rejected me.

I hope all of them don't blame me to get them in - I am just doing my job...maybe we are fated to meet and suffer together.

I wish they come in with one objective, learn and gain experience.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crush on somebody

Have you ever crush on somebody before?
You dare not tell the person?
Afraid of rejection?
No doubt most us feel the same way.

I have fall into somebody thrice in my life.
Of course this does not include all those artist.
They are countless..
Start with Tommy Paige, Johnny Depp, Jet Li, Jerry Yan, Ming Dao, Jay Chou, Lee Wei and more and more to list down. The latest Lee Min Ho... arghhh I still crush on him.. over the moon over the rainbow over the star ...huhuhuhu

No no.. not talking about artist but I am talking about people you met before and you fall for them.
Did i talk to them?
Did I approach them?
Did I spell out my feeling?
Are you crazy????
I am another looser, afraid of rejection.
So, I still end up single.
How many times I go out on date..
Once! argh! looser...
Who to blame?
Nobody. Just me.

So.. moral from this story... don't be afraid.
Try your best to get to know them and show your interest.
Maybe Cupid on your side?
You never know...
Opportunity comes only once...GRAB IT! before it pass through your life just like that..

Lee Min Ho!!!! how I wish you are not just in my dream...

Be yourself

Everyone keep talking about positive life or live your live positively or be positive.
What does this mean?
Lie to yourself look good in front of others even though deep down in your heart , you are bleeding to death?
Sometimes I wonder why we need to act in front of others and can't be yourself.
If you are sad, just be sad.
If you feel want to cry just let it out.
If you feel happy?
Be happy!
If you feel worry?
Eat ice cream!
If you feel want to laugh?
Just laugh !
If you feel angry?
just find a punching back.
Why you need to hold on to your emotion?
Let it out!
Release you stress!
Don't care what people say about you.
They can say you are crazy! Lunatic! Psyco!
Just be you... don't be you because of others

Be yourself because of your own happiness
Only you can make yourself feel good.
Dont depend on others.
Life is short. Maybe God will call you tomorrow.
So.... just be yourself
Do not live your life with fake face all the time.
I believe in being myself.
I am a carefree person.
I just want to be happy.
I don whatever I want.
I laugh.. I cry... i angry... I sad... I happy...
I speak up what in my mind..
I am honest...
No one can stop me for doing what I want...

If you do want to stop me from doing what I want...


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy with your job??

Ask your friends this question. Do you happy with you job? Do you like your Boss? Are you looking for another job?
I can bet 90% will answer you -
'I am not happy with my job'
' I hate my Boss'
' I am looking for another job , in fact I am on jobstreet almost everyday'

Me too hope for better opportunity knock on my door.
Am I on jobstreet.com everyday?

I realise other place will be not much different than the current one.
Problem comes in different form and either we face them or just keep avoiding by running away.

Eventhough, I have problems in my current job. I am not running away. I will face it because I am a survivor!!!
Just hope one day, I can meet right people to recognise my talent and ability.
I will keep looking..........

Monday, March 9, 2009

Teddybear Land

Teddybear is one of my weakness. They are so adorable and hugable. I always wanted to go to Ceju Island, Korea to visit Teddy Bear Museum.

Financially not allowed me to go there yet! However, I believe we always can fullfill our dream in our own way.

Like my case, I visit this shop call 'Romantika' they have huge collection of adorable teddybear for sale. I seriously got 'go go ga ga' over all this cute adorable teddy bear.

I took out my best companion camera and start snapping photo with most of this cute little teddybear. Argg!!! heaven with teddy bear... I end my weekend with very fullfilling experience.

Ceju Island, one day I will visit you. All those Teddy Bear, do wait for me patiently...

Me and my Teddy Bear Craze!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A trip to Noodle Station

Tonight is a Saturday night. I am here stuck in front of computer updating my blog. Do a little bit of study while listening my favourite Korean Soundtrack ' Boys Before Flower ' . Ahh... I miss my Lee Min Ho (the cute Korean Actor from that Drama).

A friend invited me for dinner at nearby place just now. We end up choose Noodle Station. The decor is good cozy , neat and clean. The staff also well manerred but I can't comment they are well trained. I ordered 'Spring Mee with Curry and Hot Green Tea' and my friend ordered ' Spring Mee with Honey Chicken with Hot Green Tea'. We also ordered 2 pieces of Honey Chicken Wings. Price is reasonable though for big portion of meal.

The waiter send us a chillies and sauces. You can see in my 1st photo. Well , of course i feel not please with the way they serve because all of 3 sauces are almost empty. Very unpresentable.. I make the waiter fill up the sauces. However only one came with top up and the rest remain unfilled.Bad rating from me though.

Then here comes the food. Not that good though as even the chicken wing served cold. What were they thinking serving customer with cold food. Do you think they deserve a second chance from us? I don't think so....
Here goes my Saturday dinner.

However, I Thank God to make me afford such luxury dinner compare to my other brothers and sisters in other part of the world can't even afford even a simple meal. Amen!!!

Single Woman

I decided to start blogging about my life as single woman when I was preparing for my MBA assignment. I choose Independent Living Community as my Business Plan. Reason being I am afraid to go through my golden years alone and hopefully don't end up died alone. This concept is nothing new to the western but for asian like Malaysian we don't have such community.
Well, I am blessed with young gene look with the fact I am now reaching 35 years old. I have no man show interest on me or whatsoever. I hardly go out to socialize. (My social skill sucks!). Not many friends and living with no best friend to turn to for over 35 years. I cut off my private life from my family.
Basically, I got nobody to turn to... sounds pathetic!
However, I can tell you eventhough the description sounds lonely but I am happy with my life. Its all about routine and we forgot about the loneliness.
You wake up in the morning go to work, work work and work then reach home by 10.00pm. Not much time left for yourself end up doing some chores and go to sleep. This continues for 5 days a week. I always looking forward for weekend. I wake up on Saturday morning having breakfast at Kopitiam near PGRM building then go for my 2 hours chiropractic session for my wellness and well being. Then go for spa or salon. Go back home spend my time online to either mysoju.com for my favourite japanese or korean drama or ebay.com for my online beauty product business. Time pass by, here goes night time watch tv or go online, if I feel good I will do some reading, then go to sleep. Here come Sunday, another routine lazying at home, do some chores at home or go out do some grocerries shopping then here come Monday. My routine start all over again. I am happy to live in my own world. I don't have mum or dad to nag on me or another friend to make me listen to their mushy mashy love stories or bragging or break up stories. I don't have to please anybody to live my life. I feel peaceful.
But my question, how long can I continue my life like this?
I am healthy now, what if I am not well and I need help?
Who will assist me to continue my life?
I am aftraid to look forward to that.
I always pray to God to bless me with good health.
My question is what if I died and nobody know where I live.
Who will find my body when nobody know I am here?