Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Be yourself

Everyone keep talking about positive life or live your live positively or be positive.
What does this mean?
Lie to yourself look good in front of others even though deep down in your heart , you are bleeding to death?
Sometimes I wonder why we need to act in front of others and can't be yourself.
If you are sad, just be sad.
If you feel want to cry just let it out.
If you feel happy?
Be happy!
If you feel worry?
Eat ice cream!
If you feel want to laugh?
Just laugh !
If you feel angry?
just find a punching back.
Why you need to hold on to your emotion?
Let it out!
Release you stress!
Don't care what people say about you.
They can say you are crazy! Lunatic! Psyco!
Just be you... don't be you because of others

Be yourself because of your own happiness
Only you can make yourself feel good.
Dont depend on others.
Life is short. Maybe God will call you tomorrow.
So.... just be yourself
Do not live your life with fake face all the time.
I believe in being myself.
I am a carefree person.
I just want to be happy.
I don whatever I want.
I laugh.. I cry... i angry... I sad... I happy...
I speak up what in my mind..
I am honest...
No one can stop me for doing what I want...

If you do want to stop me from doing what I want...


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