Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Changing Hat

My job required me to do multi tasking.
Maybe due to my versatility in performing any task given.
However, this multi tasking job seriously becoming pain to my head.
This is due to I have to change my hat countless time every minute in a day.
My mind almost blow up to certain extend.
One minute got to be Accounts department, then change to Finance, then Office Planning & administrations, then change to Human Resource, then change to Media Planning , then to Client Servicing, then to Media Buying, then Operation, then to Contract Management, then to PA to CEO, then latest portfolio is Legal Department.
Damn! I have 11 departments to supervise and take care and this should make me the General Manager ... don't know whats coming up.
I almost go hair wire...changing hat all the time...
However, soon coming up will be Business Development .. oh my God! should I take up this challenge or just pass this on?
Sometimes its good to accept responsibility and multi tasking but don't you think this is way over multi tasking.. ... I AM BEING TOO GENEROUS TO THIS COMPANY...
Yes! I am hardworking.
I just feel lucky God still give me good health and strength to continue working.
Many people says we need to work smart not work hard but in my case, I guess I don't have much choice. Accept the fate and continue working hard just for the sake of surviving in this world.
Sometimes I wonder how long , i am going to last at this pit stop?
Where is my next destination?
I wonder.... its hard to predict our destiny...
Can I achieve my dreams?
God knows..
We can work towards it but HE is to decide everything...
Seriously need full body massage later on.
Wind going in to my head and its aching... need to smoothen my blood circulation so I don't have mental block during exam this coming Saturday.
Thought of going tomorrow but this College suddenly I can only collect my E&I case study only tomorrow. So not much choice here...
I am trying my best not to panic for coming Sat.... hopefully can remain calm.. yoga and meditation for 1 hour at night really help for time being. Hope can continue ....

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