Thursday, April 2, 2009


You found me 2 years ago. Now you are gone forever. Although, just got to know in this short period, you change my life. Everybody have their own dark secret and make mistake in life. Being so naive and young , the decision that you made at that time maybe is the best in whatever reason.
When you seek forgiveness from me.. I am sorry I can't say that I accept your forgiveness although I had forgive you long time ago. I regret for not telling you. I am sorry you are unable to hear this from me now.
No mourning or griefing since you are gone. My mind feel numb right now. May be one day I will do that. I dedicate this flower for you as your name same with this flower. All my life been liking this flower so much without knowing a reason that both of us are fated. You are far yet very near to me. You are in my mind but never in my heart.
If God give me one more chance, I wish both of us can have a closure.
May God Bless your soul always!!!
I will move one with my life....I survive without you by my side...

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