Friday, April 24, 2009

Let Go

My devoted 10 years Kembara finally leave me just now.(Sold off)
Although , I feel sad but I have to do all this because its all natural law.
When you get new one, we leave the old one.
I spend 1 hour crying in my Kembara last night.
Flash back all our sweet and bitter memories together.
I love you darling! I don't mean it but you are useless for me now...
I have to make a choice.Sounds cruel but decision need to be made.
Thought of snapping a photo but can't do that.
Bad omen! as usual me and my ridiculous belief again!
My new Citra, long journey together ahead of us.
Hope you can do a good job for me.
I still need to get use to this car.
Too long for parking. Heavy though!
When i complained this to my friends , he were saying that thank god I don't get Dimax or Storm as what i wanted earlier, if not major problem!
Yeah! true lah my friend I may end up just drive to work and home without stopping anywhere else coz major problem to park hahaha... again me and my insecureness..
One Citra already give me big problem because I just want to drive but don't feel like parking the car.
No reverse sensor and back mirror though. Bought it too basic!
Yeah ! coz my pocket also very basic... so thats all i can afford time being..
So I need to park and get down a few times to ensure I don't knock on something. Troublesome though and quite embrassing though.
Gosh! I can't go anywhere without people thinking I am either Sabahan, Sarawakian or Philipines and some even guess I am dark skin chinese. I received 2 questions from 2 different people this morning (when I am selling my car this morning ) asking whether I am a foreigner just because of my weird Malay and English slang.
I really need to brush up my slang..
I am forever confuse about my identity, What race am I ,actually???
Seriously, I am not very sure myself.... one pathetic lady!
Tomorrow exam E&I , so need to back to study now..
More readings and I am going in with very 'kiasu thinking' no more over confidence like last week. I am going to expect the worst and worst rather than froze facing the paper...i don't want to feel this on the 2nd time.

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