Saturday, April 11, 2009

Revision Class

Wake up at 5.30am this morning doing some stretching and yoga f0r 1 hour. Then I feel so tired but don't feel sleepy so climb back on to my bed and start rolling to the left to the right. Haha enjoyment moment in the morning.. rolling rolling..
Scary to go to revision class today.
That MF lecturer look too fierce for me.
I know he mean good but I just scare of fierce or strict people.. they really give me that kind of emotional feeling of scareness..
1st , MF is my weakest subject.. this subject doesn't interest me at all...but hey ! do i have a choice here?
2nd, I keep telling that I weak on this subject but I did nothing about it... no actually not really , I did my stdies but....
Whatever I did does not go in to my freaking small brain..damn.. so looser!
Ok .. I better stop whining about the whole situation and start to get ready for today's war.
Yeah ! need to take bath and have my lunch then do a bit of my usual flipping through of the pages and off to mont kiara.
How nice if I could pamper myself with nice spa today... not time yet, I need to get over this battle of mine 1st...:(
I am looking forward for that night out coming up this coming 30th .. damn can't wait to start bitching hehehe.. Zef , Johnny , Nicole and Mel... let us enjoy that moment.Thought of inviting Vincent along..
Then can start book myself with my friend Shi Yin. Quite sometime never catch up with her. Another girls night out coming up!
Maybe will consider driving all the way to Kota Kemuning to visit Brandom's place plus I will drag that cutie Jamie along with me.
The last time suppose to meet up, I am in the midst of waiting to be slaughtered by my boss because of other staff. Damn! I am always the victim.
Least but not least I owe one dinner with my dear friend Jack.. Sorry brother.. I really really busy last few month.
Whatever it is.. back to reality.. I have class to go now...

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