Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Traffic Light incident

I had heard about this story via email forwarded to me , newspaper and even from friends. I never expect same incident will happen to me.
Just now around 8.00pm I was on the way back from Amcorp Mall and I had to stop at Traffic Light (of course due to red light) to turn towards Federal Highway.
Open my favourite peanut butter waffle (my dinner). I took a bite and mmmm so delicious..

Then I saw one mid 40's thin man standing beside one Toyota Prado 2 cars ahead me but on the other lane. I thought that man was selling 'Mapiau' you know that gambling stuff or something. So I just don't bother and my mind as usual thinking of something like why this man gamble his life walking in the middle of busy traffic like that or something. Then I saw this man walking towards my direction. Thought of another 'gamble stuff' pitching or something.

Then the man stop beside me and trying to force open my car door at the same time knocking hard on my window. I heard he was screaming 'Buka pintu kereta saya rosak!
Ya .. your car is 'rosak' then why you are rosaking my car now.. Go away go away.. find others go away.. nothing came out from my mouth thought but its all from my mind.. Damn ! I speechless and clueless.. what should I do what should I do..At that time I just feel I am the only car there and suddenly everything became dark and dark.. don't blackout here don't please don't .. that man is outside you inside.. relax relax.. oh no...
HELPPPPP!!! somebody help heart screaming hard.. but yet i am just froze there... that man still knocking my car harder and harder...

Luckily, I had a habit to lock my car all the time. But that man was still trying hard forced to open the door and knocking hard the window. Suddenly I realised then my hand keep pressing my car horn non stop to create attention. The Traffic light also like forever red. Damn! I just keep horning...
Then the driver in front of me , I remember Honda Civic Grey, the man came out and shout at that man.. then I guess the trouble maker man also got panicked and just ran off to other opposite lane.
I then thank the man in front of me by just waving my shivering hand, of course!
He just show his thumb up , to show that hopefully I am alright. I just nodded my head with bitter smile.

Huh! alright???? How can I be alright.. when my whole body basically shivering like mad. My heart pumping like dup dap dup dap... like I just after 20km marathon..
Scared to death...even my driving also like went blurr...

However, I remain my composure after 5 minutes. keep telling myself its over its over its over... Good enough I can reach home safely with that kind driving and also my blurring condition. Horrifying moment today..

What an experience... I was lucky because I locked my car.
What if .. I didn't?
The scene will be different and worst.
I don't know what will happen to me now..

Thank God! You help me today... Celine Dion song ' I'm Alive!'

When I finally reached home, then I saw my waffle right there under the passenger seat. I must be very panicked just now until throwing away my waffle like that.
Here goes my dinner for tonight in a very horrible state.
Ahhh! look like my suppose dinner does not belong to my stomache after all but into the dustbin..
But hey.. I still have back up.. hi hi I had baked brownies from Famous Amos for dinner. get myself cup of hot peach tea..mmmm heaven..
Glad! I bought that just now.. suppose to be my breakfast for tomorrow..
All bad incident suddenly just disappear from my head..
OK back to reality.. study for Saturday..

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