Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amazing Friday Night

Mel's 21st birthday falls on 9th May 2009 which is Saturday. As usual once I stuck at home on weekend I will never want to go out again. So, I decided to throw small birthday party in the office for her on 8th May instead. I love to arrange theme party but this is ad hoc case. No prior proper plan so I can say its total fail plan. But hey.. just to comfort myself.. at least something for Mel!
I walked to Tropicana City Mall ordered one Chocolate Cake (well you will never go wrong to choose Chocolate- my theory) and gave them the wording 'Happy 21st Birthday to Mel'. Then paid for the cake and off to get some drinks and other side 'throat junks' - my phrase for side menu.
Finished all my shopping then went to collect my cake. Damn! the writing on the cake was so horrible. I refused to accept the cake! The sales assistant look so frustrated and quiet angry with me. Hello! I am the one suppose to show my frustration here no you.. mind your attitude. You suppose to deliver to customer satisfaction. Its somebody birthday and 21st birthday only once!Don't mess with me. I know my rights!
I just choose another cake (unfortunately no more chocolate cake so I settle with bluberry). anothery guy came to the rescue and took over and attend to my needs. One hand is holding 3 bags and one of those bag full of 2 litres drinks , ahhh my hand felt numb . Pain and angry thats my feeling right that moment.
Luckily , everything went well. Hope Mel is happy. I gave her one of gadget that I am selling from my online store and hope she love it!
Then later evening, I went to Mont Kiara collected my Study Material for Term 4 which officially started 9th May 2009. 'Leading & Managing People' and 'Competitive Strategy' , 2 interesting subjects and yes! more readings ... aiyohhhhh....
Right after that, I feel like want to pamper myself then decided to visit Embun Day Spa nearby for Thai Massage. Oh my God! this new masseur from Thai.. she is so so so so amazing. Her hand very strong and she really can handle my body well with all the exact point that she pressed. Its painful but yet ECSTACY feeling. Ya! ya! I know sounded a bit horny (hihi) but hey!!!don't bother that most important I am feeling gooood tonight. Enjoy my sleep that Thai Massage so much!
Well.. good start for new term wu huuu..

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