Saturday, June 13, 2009


Reached home very late on Friday night. Attended this Malaysian Media Awards 2009 at Shangri La. Anyway, Shangri La again??? Never!!! The quality of food sucks!!! not like before...even the service not like 5 star. I don't fancy going to all this function. But since this is part of my job.. gotta go meaning gotta go eventhough you are freaking tired. You have to put up you drama smile to everybody. Ah! so freaking fake!!! Have to put up a smiling face eventhough the person beside you have a very heavy liqour smell on his breathe ... Yeah ! Guiness the main sponsor.. damn!!! hate it when I am sober and the rest almost unconscious! Pepole shouting screaming yelling of happiness ... is it true or just because they are freaking drunk! I don't know!!! I am glad when things ended yeah the winning team will stay on and party till the dawn.. Me? what the heck to wait until dawn if I can get myself outta here...
Drag myself to drive all the way back right after the function.As usual I am not in my right mind when feeling so so exhausted. I just pray to God to get me home safely as I am driving with my eyes half open.
At same time, I am very worried about my assignment which is due on 15th June 2009. Since I have this principle to always submit my assignment one day early so my submission deadline to myself is on 14th June 2009.
I have not done any single thing. But when I reached home , I am freaking fainted on my bed and only woke up at 9.00am.Ah! I better skip my Chiro then...
Locked myself in the house with some fruit juice and start doing my assignment. I finished my assignment at 5.45pm. I feel relieved. My shoulder were aching like mad. I think my muscle getting stiffer.
Take nice hot long shower since I didn't shower at all since morning just because I am very worried I can't get thing done on time. Then dry myself and jump onto the bed. Stretch my arm and leg wide.... ah... so fresh and hungry now..
I need to treat myself tonight! Go for spa or go for nice dinner?
I wish can get both..
I choose nice dinner because I promised myself a nice spa treatment after my last class for this term which is end of this month.
Head to Alamanda and get myself into Penang Village and ordered plate of special nasi lemak. Ah! so long never eat the Nasi Lemak!
I enjoyed every spoon of Nasi Lemak and never take that long to eat. I took almost an hour just for one plate of Nasil Lemak. Enjoyed every moment!
Right after that feeling like, I still can get good dessert. Admitted myself to Big Apple Doughnut and Nothing is sweeter than ..mmmmm yummy with melting white and dark chocolate on top plus the yummy tasty peanut butter and chocolate filing. Heaven!!!!!!
I go back home with full of satisfaction!
When I reached home here goes the reality....
Another deadline this Wednesday.... Arggghhh!!! again???
Hate it!
By now when I am updating my blog , my another assignment is half cook. Thought of finish it off but my brain gone dead! So I end up practice my Yoga and Pilates and then zzzzzzzzzzz for Monday morning re charge.. Hope to have a good week start.
Special Nasi Lemak from Penang Village -can't wait to eat this..
Dessert for the day - Big Apple Doughnut...Yummy!

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