Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Next???

Although I am currently busy with my studies, assignment and exam preparation, I can't help to not to think about my future.
MBA! what is next?
I don't really know what should I do after this?
Can I be someone in that top position in corporate world?
Am I ready to join that dirty world? Oh yeah! I can't expect my life will be clean if I decided to be one in that group.
Should I just stay where am I now and live happily in my own world?
Should I start a small business that can sustain me at least another 10 years?
Yeah! in my previous entry I should just go travelling and give myself a break after my MBA.
I think I should move on and find ideas what should I do after my MBA.
I can't have a break.
Time is not waiting for me for a break.
Time is behind my back chasing after me.
I can't turn back the time if I miss it.
I think I need to really sit down one day and just think and think hard on what is my next step in order to sustain and survive in this world.
I need to do some strategy..
At the same time I am afraid to face God if I happen to die tomorrow.

Ah! life is so scary... you are alone in this world and next world too....

Back to my readings... what was that again???

The Seven Deadly Sins of Strategy???

What heck is that???

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