Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't know what to do

This morning I was up too early and end up out to work around 6am.
Yes! call me Crazy!
Night before I was so tired to do that Toyota case studies.
I still have plenty to catch up.. ah!!! I just can't wait for Saturday to over.

As usual although very tired, I tried my best to keep my positive face and cheerful talk.
Although , my position in the Company are consider in the range of Plateau which means no more growth. I tried my best to keep myself motivated.

I am also in crazy mood today when trying to put myself into racing with one car.
Yeah! he started it by challenging me.
Manage to tease him by pretended to be into the race.
But hehehe the best part he end up racing alone!
Love it ! love it ! he is so damn piss off .. hahahaha

How to race with you when my house is on the next junction, you IDIOT!

Back home tried to do the analysis of SWOT,RBV,PEST, VC and PORTER 5.. but quarter way through I got fed up! So I quit and decided to continue later.
No point to force myself when I am not even in the mood of studying or even thinking of serious thing.

Now apart from busy on my exam, I am also busy evaluating business oppotunities and marketing plan. Not so easy eh! Stress up too!

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