Monday, July 6, 2009

How should I feel?

I was driving back just now, I experienced horrible traffic jammed at highway.
when I reached at the cause of the jam , I saw one white bluebird overturned.
No other car involved , just one!

I notice this car earlier, the driver were driving in very rude and reckless manner.
Cutting and zig zagging here and there. He even have guts to flash at me when I was at middle lane. I just ignored him at that point!
here else did he want me to go.. Hello! traffic moving slow, car in front so slow and I am at middle lane. Then he manage to over take me from the left and accelerate loudly and brake to show his anger! What with that attitude?????

Although, my heart really like want to blow due to very angry. I just ignore him. I guess so does other car drivers.All of us choose to maintain our professional driving skill on the road and being a good driver too.

I am trying my best to control my anger towards him by imagining ,
if I have a gun - I will just shoot his car 4 tyres!
if my car have loud speaker, maybe I will just shout at him!
if I am Harry Potter, I will use my wand and say my magic word and make my car float and show off at him!
if I am one of the charm one i will just blink my eyes and send this car to North Pole and let him freeze to death!

When I saw his car overturn just now... I don't know how should i feel..
Guilty because I cursed him a lot?
Pity because of unfortunate event?
or should i say yeay!!!! you deserve it idiot!!!!

Weird... I just don't feel anything right now!
My heart as cold as ice now!

OMG! Too much vengeance in my heart right now!

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