Saturday, August 1, 2009

Road Blocks everywhere

Yesterday I was stucked in traffic jam as early as 6.30am at Jalan Seputeh leading towards Federal Highway. I was furious when I finally got to know it was only few police standing by the road side guarding the blocks. They did nothing , basically standing there and enjoy the scene of drivers squeezing into smaller road. Nothing much that we can say as we just merely normal citizen! I believe everybody was very frustrated as most of us are heading to works as usual.

Evening time, as my office located with viewing towards sprint highway and damansara road, traffic started as early as 5pm. Damn! everybody was so frustrated again. End up went for mamak stall dinner with girlfriends.

This morning , I woke up as early as 6.30am to ensure I can escape the jam . Yeah! today is important day for me. I need to go collect my new term study books. Class is next week.
Most people warned me not to go as I will be stucked in road blocks jam again!
I bought that thought for a second. But after deep thinking then I just follow my guts feeling to go ahead and start my journey to mont kiara.

Traffic quiet smooth though. However, traffic at office direction at stand still. I was driving and at same time cracking out my head on which road should I use later on. Finally, made a decision to use LDP/ Puchong way to escape the blocks. Yes!! all opposite direction towards KL or City Centre was at stand still just now.

Manage to reach home by 11.30am as my planned.

Later on, I am heading towards Bandar Mahkota Cheras to meet somebody.
Yes ! as I mentioned just now, today is very important for me.
I am making a big big decision to change my life and destiny.
I am very determined this is the choice that I am going to make.
I want to get out from this plateau life of mine now...
I need to move on and find another challenge to make my life exciting and change my destiny and way to success in life!

I will go ahead with my plan although many will objects to my daring coming BIG commitment.

I failed once 6 years ago. I know how it feel. I know how it hurts me!
I stand back to my feet and maintain low and keep on learning.
Now, I feel I am ready and prepared to rise again and vow not repeat the same mistake again .

My life will change tremendously from now on.

I prepared to face this challenge....

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