Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy 7 days

I am seriously exhausted these few weeks.
But this week really challenge my strength.
My workload at work no doubt very hectic with short handed of side kick!

My future plan and on going process also killing me.
Its better if this killing me rather than my existing work kiling me. At least I feel more better!
Advertorial I posted on last Thursday received very good response.
I receive emails, phone call and doing presentation to convince people to sign up ,make me tense.
From Monday to Sunday I am working!

But I enjoy doing this and I am getting more and more familiarise to present!
I know I can build up my networking fast.
Target 2 branches every month and will cool down once it reach 16.
Long way to go honey! long way!

I had not even started with my LD individual assignment - due date this Sunday. uhuhuhuhuhu..
This coming week my IB class starting and yet another presentation coming up on this Sunday.

I manage to squeeze time for long delay acupuncture to my dislocate jaw or what so ever and as far as I am concern the kluk klak sound on my jaw everytime I open my mouth really disturbing and hurt.
A friend brought me to see this Master Lim who operated at back room of a Sundry shop somewhere at Taman Muda , Ampang. Hell! if you ask me to go there again by myself I wouldn't find the place.. hehehe as usual me and my lost world!
Not so convince.. but don't mind to give a try.
This Master graduated from Shandung , Taiwan.

He basically ask me lie down and poke 2 needles onto my side of face ..feel like somebody pinch you though! ya the point near to my jaw. Then later leave me there for 2 minutes and came back with another smokey thingy, look like an incent to me and practically place onto the needle that he poked just now and this incent practicall still heavily smoking.
This thing suppose to give you warm and calm feeling and make nerve feel better.
Imagine you are lying with face a lil bit at side with 2 needles sticking out from your face and incent burning right on top....mmmmmm not that calming to me but suffocating!

However , after almost 20 minutes the Master came and took out the needles... then he pressed and massage my jaw and then ask me to try open my mouth slowly and close again.
No more kluk klak even my allignment not ' senget' again.
How much it cost ? RM20 for 2 needles...uhuhuhuhuh wow.. i will visit him again
I need follow up treatment.
But just now when I munching my food it kluk klak again aiyoh!!!
But allignment still good but it just hurt.
My body is bloody aching right now too...

Ah! seriously this is one heavy maintainance body!'

I guess my LD assignment need one day to focus on... I will think of a plan to concentrate on this.

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