Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lying Naked

Wake up in the morning with a sore throat.
Thank God ! I still have my voice because I am suppose to present this morning.
Ah! feeling lazy to drive to class and lend my ears to LD lecture for almost 9 hours..
Sigh! I am so suffering.. I think so does my other coursemate hihihi..

Nervous breakdown and butterflies in my stomache waiting for my turn to present ,Not so obvious this time. Although , few of my coursemate commented I talk like a soldier..aishhh! what you expect? I just wanted to get over it and quickly and ran back to my place. My whole body was shivering... hehehehe yeah! that one cannot help it!

Right after class I went for a pampering moment... yeah! naughty me again.. but this time apart from just having rejuvenate Thai Massage, I add in Body Scrub and Boreh Mask package. Yeah! cost me a bomb and look like need to 'Puasa' for 2 weeks hahaha... I don't mind though! I just love the feeling so good and satisfying! Hard earn money... I need that pampering..

Oh ya! talking about Body Scrub, at first I feel a bit awkward to take this package. Why?
One of requirement ,I need to get naked , exposed my body with just a thong!!!! Me? Naked ? in front of stranger? Sharks! Never done that in mylife! yeah! may be when I small but hey that was when I am small girl and still adorable!
I am shy and shy and shy le..
Don't like the idea being lying there naked and other people see my body.
Take me almost 1 month to build up my courage to actually dare myself to do this.

After the One Hour Thai Massage, the lady lead me to another room and request me to take off my Thai Massage Uniform. I feel a bit hesitated but aiyah! what the heck, she's a lady not a man.
She is not going to rape me or something.
Maybe she will molest me a bit ahahahaha...
I keep saying that to myself... yeah! again trying to be funny to actually cover up my nervousness.
I requested the light to be as dim and possible until the lady said to me ' Mam! I can't see your body and I need to apply the scrub on your body'
Ah! I get it I am not that fair.. hihihih..

Alright! alright! I surrender my body to you... do whatever you want... hihihihi

I just close my eyes and lying there nervous and surrender myself to her to explore my body.
Good feeling though!

Then the lady said to me ' Mam! could you please relax.. I can feel your body is stiff or are you cold?'
Relax? hell how could I do that ya??? I am one nervous lady le... relax is not in my dictonary.
Cold ? yeah man! I am freezing here ...

The scrub session really did the detoxification well coz I can feel the heat of the Ginger and fresh sense of avocado.

I feel rejuvenate and fresh! Driving home happy and satisfied!

Yeah! I have to make sure I score in my LD this time.
Received a Distinction in my LMP is an achievement for me and hope could at least repeat that in my LD since other 3 coming subject is quite challenging for me.

My throat getting worst though!
I think its swollen!
mmm need to drink more warm water and tomorrow need to visit pharmacist for lozenges or something!

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