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I was telling myself for weeks to service my car tyre. Today is the day to do so and I screwed up by waking up so late. Last night was an interesting and crucial night for me. I did brainstorming to myself on how to improve my online income. I just need to make it work aggressively. Oh ya! talking about my car tyre .... yeah! once I wake up late and the sun rose to my head I wouldn't want to get out from home anymore. Yeah! kind of Princess who could not take any heat to skin ehehehe.... End up on the online tutorial for 4 hours until my spine feel like freezing. Ah! I so need a Thai Massage after this. I have a good feeling on my latest project this time. Suddenly my confident level shoot up over my head. :) I like this feeling....Who knows people from overseas may invite me to be their speaker.... and I will spend my time earning to talk to people and same time travelling around the world.... mmmm never know... its all depends on God Will... only God knows... I just work towards

Lying Naked

Wake up in the morning with a sore throat. Thank God ! I still have my voice because I am suppose to present this morning. Ah! feeling lazy to drive to class and lend my ears to LD lecture for almost 9 hours.. Sigh! I am so suffering.. I think so does my other coursemate hihihi.. Nervous breakdown and butterflies in my stomache waiting for my turn to present ,Not so obvious this time. Although , few of my coursemate commented I talk like a soldier..aishhh! what you expect? I just wanted to get over it and quickly and ran back to my place. My whole body was shivering... hehehehe yeah! that one cannot help it! Right after class I went for a pampering moment... yeah! naughty me again.. but this time apart from just having rejuvenate Thai Massage, I add in Body Scrub and Boreh Mask package. Yeah! cost me a bomb and look like need to 'Puasa' for 2 weeks hahaha... I don't mind though! I just love the feeling so good and satisfying! Hard earn money... I need that pampering.. Oh ya

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