Friday, September 11, 2009

What for dinner?

Tonight seriously sad case.
Reached home around 8.30pm.
Seriously don't know what to eat.
I drank plain water on the way back home.
Don't know where to stop to buy my dinner.
I feel sick to eat mamak food again.
I settle with 2 pieces of Munchys Dark Chocolate Biscuits and one mug of hot green tea.
Feel hungry again but just feel like no appetite at all.

Tonight! crash study on products.
Tomorrow my plan change suppose to send car for servicing but end up with early business appointment at Cheras Mahkota.
Praying hard for Miri potential sign up under me.
At least when I go for interview they will notice on my expanding network and outstanding potential.
Gambatei Cindyrina!!!

God! please let me have this one... dead or alive!!!

Too busy these days..
Finish up my assignment then busy prepare for my exam coming Oct then busy with my interview....

Hardly can eat properly and breathe properly...

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