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Wake up in the morning. Getting ready and try to look pretty and presentable...cheewwwaaahhh!!! Chingu came to pick me up and off we go to my interview venue. Started the journey with full of positive energy. One and half hours drive after went through don't know how many ripped off tolls by this license pirate.....feeling hungry...wanna pee too.WTH! Weather was so freaking hot..and I am wearing vampire all black dress with black stockings and black heels too.WTH! Am I going for interview or black tie party??? I wear that with perception black can look slimmer...that is the ultimate motive...   It could be much easier to use federal highway to reach that place. Both unitedly decide to use that NKVE and bla bla bla highway where all those big transformer trucks used. Me keep saying...damn!!! How am I suppose to come to this place again when the road is not register to my mind. WTH! Finally reached the of course with the impatient mood and Chingu i

Recruitment Again and Again

The most sickening weeks is doing recruitment. Yeah! whats up with all the youngsters nowadays??? They are not determined enough to face the challenge in real world. I guess something wrong with education system which promoting spoon feeding to all these people. Most of them find blaming people is the best solution to run away from problem rather than facing the fact and deal with it. I advertised for Accounts & Admin Assistant position. Requirement : * Female * At least LCCI Higher or Diploma in Accounting * English speaking * Knowledge in UBS software * Fresh Graduate preferred My in box received almost 60 applications mostly Bachelor Degree mostly in Finance and I have few guys applicants too. Not too mentioned most of the candidates expected salary is RM3,500 and above per month. I also have 3 candidates with MBA applied. Not too mentioned Graduate from Bachelor Degree of Physics, Social Science and many other craps! Oh! God is it the market is that bad or just simply click app

Oh my Voice

I am seriously unwell. I wonder what will happen during the recruitment drive today. My husky and deep voice may scare away all the potential candidates?? Hope not. My friend let me talked to his 1 year old niece over the phone for the first time. hhahahahaha result? His niece look at his face with very weird expression. One horrible voice at the other end trying to reached to her. kekekeke I scared away one small girl. When my Boss called me yesterday evening, I tried my best to lower down the tone and make it softer possible. It was tiring conversation though... Last night trying to sleep early but my cough is killing me. End up my eyes wide open at 3am. Wake up this morning and look myself in the mirror with very huge black panda eyes. Awww so beautiful.. Today, I am hoping for positive day and go back home later for a good sleep.I really need to rest.

Another new week

Tomorrow its another new week. Monday! I am suppose to feel positive about Monday. I don't know why, I feel not so good. Maybe I am nervous. 3 reason to feel nervous this week. 1st - My interview coming up on 20th (Tues). I need to load my brain with all those serious info. Serious meaning business talks. Get myself updated. I don't what to expect but I definate try my best. I need to get myself into this corporate world if I want to be somebody important. Yes! This is important... can I make it to be in the corporate scene? What do I need to sacrifice? I don't know... I hope not a big one... My current small timer business its my preparation if my bunion feet getting serious and also for my old age. Most of it extra income which I think helps me a lot! 2nd - How to skip my work to go for that interview? I feel guilty about this. However, my future is more important.. don't you think so??? Hope everything fine and God give me courage for this 'white lie'! 3rd -

What for dinner?

Tonight seriously sad case. Why? Reached home around 8.30pm. Seriously don't know what to eat. I drank plain water on the way back home. Don't know where to stop to buy my dinner. I feel sick to eat mamak food again. I settle with 2 pieces of Munchys Dark Chocolate Biscuits and one mug of hot green tea. Feel hungry again but just feel like no appetite at all. Tonight! crash study on products. Tomorrow my plan change suppose to send car for servicing but end up with early business appointment at Cheras Mahkota. Praying hard for Miri potential sign up under me. At least when I go for interview they will notice on my expanding network and outstanding potential. Gambatei Cindyrina!!! God! please let me have this one... dead or alive!!! Too busy these days.. Finish up my assignment then busy prepare for my exam coming Oct then busy with my interview.... Hardly can eat properly and breathe properly... Tiring!!!

If I were a boy

Who to blame if I am not enough time to do my assignment! Nobody! just myself... Although, I realise this but yet I still living in my own world in 'Boy Before Flower' world. I just want to be closed to the character that I hate most. Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho. The character just give me the goose bump. The character is like love and hate collide. How I wish I just in my dream and never wake up. If I were to be one of the character, I want to be Gu Jun Pyo character. Yes! not to be one of the love interest but I want to be him! Ah! how i wish my life like him. Arrogant! yet so fragile and soft too.... Like Beyonce latest song .. If I were a boy... Yes! if I were I boy I want to be the bad boy! I want to be the rebellious boy.. I want to be somebody who dare to do anything freely... Not about courting a girl or what... just want to be somebody that other will admire because of my daring and courage..mmmm ... if I were a boy!!! But I am just a girl.. How could I make ppl un

Between Study and Work

These few days, my life is upside down... I am in between of study for my next class. Then I need to do my assignments. My workload become tripple and end of the month coming up! The most important in the world at this time is to study for my next interview and do THE BEST BUSINESS PROPOSAL. This is for my future. I only have one chance... I have to work for this. I have to make sure I do my VERY VERY BEST! I feel not enough time for myself right now! Hopefully this is a worth it sacrifice! Although I feel very tired but I have no choice to force myself. Dinner for tonight? Whatelse? feel like eating maggie but have to stick with my diet no dinner. JUST PLAIN WARM WATER uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I need to loose weight, badly!

On the way there

Since last weekend , my spirit getting 'fire up'! I know I can do it this time. I hope it will work this time. I am preparing myself for the interview which is hopefully happen somewhere on mid Sep 2009. If everything fine, I will be busy busy busy for the store opening before Christmas or New Year 2010! Currently, I am busy studying on product and system - prepare myself with good presentation on mid Sep 2009. I don't want this to be a normal interview. I want it to be remembered for somebody who are well prepared and high potential. I want to be outstanding! This week is my new term and class coming up - its tomorrow actually. Leadership Dynamic! Still in the dark no sign of grouping arrangement yet. I read the study guide there will be more and more presentation coming up! ah.. butterflies in my tummy again.. Hopefully can finish my MBA + one Store to manage by end of this year.

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